Telephone Box Junction

Telephone Box Junction Snow Cam, Mt Stirling

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21/7/17 - 3:16pm
Mister Tee on snow shoes: It looks like R*** on Sat. July 29th :-0 when I am coming up there.
more than a week away, tres hard to predict
Mister Tee on snow shoes
21/7/17 - 3:00pm
It looks like R*** on Sat. July 29th :-0 when I am coming up there.
21/7/17 - 9:32am
I was up there yesterday, ( 20/7) snowing at TBJ when ia rrived, but still about a 1.5km walk till i could fit skins. and not have to carry my board/split. kept on snowy on and off most of the day, mostly on though. plenty of snow around the Hut, that Igloo in making is a lot bigger than it looks on the cam. Up top was very windy and wild, after reaching the summit i gave up and came down pretty quick. not very nice doing transitions is howling wind and no visibility. There was some good snow coming down, so i suspect the top will have a decent base, but the lower mtn could def use a bit ,more cover.
Mister Tee on snow shoes
26/6/17 - 2:05pm
I am still waiting for the mother load of snow which will mean the game will be on at Mt. Stirling. It usually comes in July.I doubt we will get a season up there like we did in 2015.
5/6/15 - 7:47am
From the look of the cam this morning, It could be skiing from TBJ on opening weekend. I can't recall a season where that has happened..... I wonder if the gates have been closed yet, Circuit road and Number 3 could be a bit of a mess by Tuesday. It's times like this I wish I still lived on the mainland as a day trip would be very much in order.
ians 158
4/11/14 - 8:20pm
I drove past over the weekend and there are renovations going on,looks like there will be a nice new veranda across the front of the building.
ians 158
22/10/14 - 7:13pm
22/10/14 - 2:38pm
Next series of Survivor?
22/10/14 - 2:27pm
What secret business is about to unfold at Telephone Box Junction?
7/8/14 - 12:45pm
The guys in shorts indicated that they would be at the hoppet. Looked to me like they could finish top 10, motoring up the hill. Stirling seems to attract a few eccentric types, as well.

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