Friday Flat, Thredbo

Friday Flat Snow Cam, Thredbo
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10:00am - 2015

Fri Mar 27 Snow showers. Very windy.
Sat Mar 28 Mostly sunny. -2° 10°
Sun Mar 29 Sunny. 12°

Friday Flat. Thredbo's Ski School Meeting Place and excellent beginners area. Updates every 10min, 7am-5pm.

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6/7/14 - 12:00am
On the other hand, the "expert riders" don't wanna be caught riding Fridat Flat!!!
5/7/14 - 11:57pm
Oh and when I say never-before riders, many of these are day trippers who just jump on ski or board and slide down without a clue because they don't want to pay for lesson.
5/7/14 - 11:55pm
V8 too crowded and mixed of experienced, new and never-before riders. I find it scary as a new rider. Same goes for Bourk St at Buller. That one is the craziest, I think.
5/7/14 - 10:25pm
gunbarrel load point for antons/sponars/high noon. childhood activities prevail inbound. beginners always should start at V8 Perisher.
5/7/14 - 10:21pm
Friday Flat was where I was hooked to snowsports. Thredbo is my home resort and Friday Flat is my bedroom.
5/7/14 - 4:36pm
The beginners area and also load point for the chair to high noon/Merritt's traverse, Friday flat is at thredbo's lowest point. As a result the area is rigorously maintained with man made snow as natural falls this low are fairly rare. Sometimes this cam tells the most honest story of Australian snow, being all grass and mud. In the early days it was said the area around Friday flat was slated for a runway. I love the.donut shop here. Nothing quite like hot cinnamon donuts after a days skiing. The area also holds one of the few true ski in and out hotels in thredbo, which in good weather holds live bands outdoors which can add a festive cheer. Overall a great place to have your first skiing experience, if the conditions allow.

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