Front Valley, Perisher

Front Valley Snow Cam, Perisher
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6:49am - 21 Aug 2014


0cm 19 Aug 2014 160cm
Thu Aug 21 Partly cloudy.
Fri Aug 22 Partly cloudy. -4°
Sat Aug 23 Mostly sunny. -4°

Front Valley. Perisher's main access run to the entire resort. An easy intermediate slope that's wide and well groomed. Updates every 10min, 7am-5pm.

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14/8/14 - 11:41am
^^ This they made snow the whole way through snowmageddon. Man made snow is an excellent base builder which is why resorts that don't need it still use it/invest in it. When I worked at Heavenly they claimed to have the largest snow making system in the world. We always knew when they were making snow because the power surge would affect the lights in our flat.
14/8/14 - 10:04am
You dont turn the guns off just because its snowing, you go when ever you have temps, its about making it to October, Perisher generally winds back around August 1st but if there are good condition's forecast or they need it they will continue, they never run out of their water allocation.
14/8/14 - 9:57am
Well surely this year they would have spent less of it earlier on due to Snowmageddon.
13/8/14 - 7:04am
They have a budget for snow making, once it is used up they stop.
12/8/14 - 7:37pm
Loo ks like the fat lady ain't singing just yet .i wonder why they didn't make any sun night ,it seemed ideal.
12/8/14 - 12:08pm
Quoting Nowada: This is quite unusual, Perisher is not known for making snow after 31st July.
Really. I have seen the guns operating heaps after July.
12/8/14 - 10:58am
This is quite unusual, Perisher is not known for making snow after 31st July. I think last years rain and the next system (16th to 20th August) has the management team concerned..... IMO. Sorry did not mean to swear
12/8/14 - 6:36am
Looks like few guns on Excellerator also and one or two early starter, Mt P and Smiggs. High traffic areas being topped up logically. 10 below on PV website info. wow.
11/8/14 - 11:37pm
Snow guns are going on Front Valley tonight. Not too much natural coming up over the next few days by the look of things. As long as there is still some there first week of September I'll be happy.
11/8/14 - 9:22am
There is no water quota, Perisher can pull as much as they want. But yes, snowmaking activities appear to have ended for the year. With only 7 and a half weeks of the season left, there is more than enough snow left to see them through. They'll push down the pipe and parks to push more snow into front valley/happy valley to make sure those two areas make end of season, and Eyre usually holds up fine until then too.

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