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Trail Status Grooming Date Groomed
Bluff Spur - upperClosedNone
Bluff Spur - lowerClosedNone
Stirling Trail - upperClosedNone
Stirling Trail - lowerClosedNone
Fork Creek TrailClosedNone
Upper Baldy TrailClosedNone
Baldy LoopClosedNone
Chairmans Ridge TrailClosedNone
Hut LoopClosedNone
Alby's DropClosedNone
Kings SaddleClosedNone
Practice SlopeClosedNone
West Summit TrailClosedNone
Race LoopClosedNone
Howqua Gap TrailClosedNone
Clear Hills Trail (GGS Hut to Craig's Hut)ClosedNone
Wombats DropClosedNone
East Summit TrailClosedNone
Stanley BowlClosedNone
Circuit Rd (TBJ to King Saddle)ClosedNone
Circuit Rd (TBJ to Howqua Gap)ClosedNone
Howqua Gap to Buller VillageClosedNone
Hut TrailClosedNone
Circuit Rd (King Saddle to No.3)ClosedNone
No. 3 RoadClosedNone
River SpurClosedNone

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Last Update: Fri 08:20am 30 Sep

This is my last snow forecast for 2016. I hope they have been useful for all your endeavours. See you again (snow-wise) in 2017.Friday 30 September: Snow, snow and more snow. Happy end to season 2016.A complex area of low pressure is crossing the southeast today and tomorrow. It produces persistent snow today then lots of start and stop snow showers tomorrow. Its dry and warm on Sunday with a high out to our east.A cold front crosses through early Monday with rain late Sunday into Monday morning, then it changes to snow and persists through the day. Another cold front..

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28/3/17 - 1:44pm
---- 2017 Trip Reports ----
1/8/16 - 3:35pm
saturday was not as drizzly as expected, bluff hut busy as ive seen it, a bit of snow overnight then turned to rain around 5am sunday. top to bottom cover holding in there. ive put a few pix up in the BC chatter thread. such a beautiful place mt stirling, even just down in the trees
Mister Tee on snow shoes
1/8/16 - 10:37am
Mister Tee on snow shoes: I will post some pic.s from the 23rd,24th /7/16 from Mt .Stirling once I master how to do it.
Mister Tee on snow shoes
31/7/16 - 8:47pm
I will post some pic.s from the 23rd,24th /7/16 from Mt .Stirling once I master how to do it.
28/7/16 - 9:17pm
ill probably be camping up at bluff hut sat. night with mr 9yo. weather looks a bit ordinary so we will just choof around trails. might see yerz up there
Mister Tee on snow shoes
24/7/16 - 9:31pm
Hi, I just got back from Mt Stirling. I was leading a VNPA snow camping/ snow shoe trip. The forecast on Thursday and Friday looked like real doom and gloom. The snow cams showed the summit of Mt Stirling was green in July !! :-0 . Most of the snow cover on Buller and Stirling was decimated and obliterated by warm torrential rain and high winds. We camped at Carter's Mill on Friday night. It rained so much I wished I had brought my scuba gear and a canoe not my snow gear. Still we persisted and the man at Mirimbah on Sat. July 23rd 2016 said that 26 cms of fresh snow had fallen overnight. We went up the Mt Stirling road yesterday and by chain bay two it was snowing and by chain bay 3 we had to put the chains on the vehicle.There were trees that had been recently chain sawed to clear the road because of the gale force winds on Friday. The Snow plough machine was at work too, clearing the road. We were suddenly hopeful whereas before we thought we had picked the worst weekend for the snow at Mt Stirling. When we arrived at TBJ it was completely white. We were chuffed. To quote the ski patroller who I overheard on the phone say : "Yesterday was doom and gloom, no other way to put it but we are BACK ON today".:thumbs: It was white all the way up the Bluff spur trail. It was snowing a lot , dry , fluffy, thick powder snow once we hit the half way mark up the trail where the sign says you can kiss your backside goodbye now if the Alpine weather changes for the worse. We had to invent a XC route to get around a fallen tree. The snow off the track was knee deep. Up at the Bluff spur hut it was powder city and we were elated. Digging the tent sites showed that there was a lot of dry ,fresh snow. It kept snowing on and off. Up at the summit it was extremely windy and cold. I couldn't feel my face or see very far at all .The next pole along the pole line was the furthest I could see. I couldn't hear my companions talk!. It was wild up there. The lone snow gum tree was far from a buried mound but it was still there. It was very cold last night and it snowed more too. The condensation inside my tent froze and turned to dry ice. I was wearing 2 fleece tops, thermals and a down vest and my duck down 4 seasons sleeping bag was zipped up , up uppity up!:zzz: Spin drifts were hard to keep out of the 4 seasons tent despite digging the tent site etc. Today it began throwing it down, big flakes of powder snow as we descended via the King Spur hut, The Cricket pitch and the shelter at Machinery hut.:thumbs: Back at TBJ it was hammering down with dry fresh snow. Our cars were covered in about 40 Cm of dry snow. It kept snowing down to at least chain bay 2. Do not lose hope about this snow season because after this weekend at Mt Stirling I am a believer!. It may not have a strong base but they have started grooming the trails today. There are still some exposed sections and some hazards but give it another 2 days of these kind of dry heavy snow falls and it will be back to rated Very good to Excellent along most of the trails. Next weekend will possibly be sunny with full, deep, dry , groomed cover. Yep , more corduroy than a folk festival .:) Mt. Stirling has delivered the goods just when we thought all was lost and that we'd picked the wrong weekend to make the trip . Mt .Stirling is Most excellent.
24/7/16 - 12:45am
timonearth: Hey people. Will be up at Mt Stirling this coming Tuesday and Wedensday. Only doing day trips from my base in Merrijig but would welcome some company if anyone else is keen to meet me on the mountain. Testing out my pattern based skis. :)
I'm looking at going up to Stirling on Tuesday and either Stirling or Buller on Wednesday. I'll be snowshoeing with the wife on Tuesday but happy to catch up with you for a ski on Wednesday. PM me if interested.
23/7/16 - 11:41pm
Hey people. Will be up at Mt Stirling this coming Tuesday and Wedensday. Only doing day trips from my base in Merrijig but would welcome some company if anyone else is keen to meet me on the mountain. Testing out my pattern based skis. :)
Mister Tee on snow shoes
17/7/16 - 3:26pm The trail condition reports for Mt Stirling are updated daily here. :-)
Mister Tee on snow shoes
17/7/16 - 3:17pm
It looks incredible! .I so very much wish I was there (or at Mt . Bogong ) today and yesterday for the clear sunny conditions and full fresh snow cover.
Mister Tee on snow shoes
17/7/16 - 3:12pm
17/7/16 - 2:12pm
16/7/16 - 9:11pm
Mister Tee on snow shoes: Today(16.7.16) looked like THE day to be at the summit of Mt. Stirling but alas I was stuck in Melbourne. The fresh snow cover and sunshine is as good as life gets in winter.
It was pretty amazing, there was a few people about but plenty of turns for everyone. :)
Mister Tee on snow shoes
16/7/16 - 8:50pm
Today(16.7.16) looked like THE day to be at the summit of Mt. Stirling but alas I was stuck in Melbourne. The fresh snow cover and sunshine is as good as life gets in winter.
Mister Tee on snow shoes
13/7/16 - 4:16pm
Praise De Lawd!It is snowing properly at Mt . Stirling :thumbs:. It was looking a bit grim and green a few days ago. I hope we get another dump of snow later next week too. I must have full cover from TBJ to the summit on July 23rd , when I return or there will be big trouble .
Mister Tee on snow shoes
9/7/16 - 10:42pm
The Mountain needs a top up of snow so that TBJ can become white again. I am heading back up on Sat . July 23rd for a night of snow camping at the Bluff Spur Hut area. I hope it snows properly just the day before I appear.
9/7/16 - 8:04pm
Headed up for a look today, no skiable snow for the first 2.5km but after that it was surprisingly adequate. A couple of fun/short runs then back down to the car. Might head up with the tent next weekend and see if there's any fresh snow left after the big dumps on Tues/We'd
5/7/16 - 11:23pm
Mister Tee on snow shoes: Mt Stirling is Most excellent .
It certainly is. Can't wait to get a chance to head up there next week. :) Thanks heaps for the trip report.
Mister Tee on snow shoes
5/7/16 - 8:36pm
I have just returned from Mt Stirling . I enjoyed my 2 nights solo snow trip at Mt Stirling in snow shoes. It was raining at Mt Stirling on Sunday when I got there at about 1.30 pm and all the snow that had fallen on Thursday and Friday had become wet .Chains were not required to be fitted to 2 WD cars. . That rain made the snow wet and soft . The snow was 50 cms deep at the Bluff spur hut.Slogging it up the hill , 4kms from the car park on snow shoes with a big pack , at 1200 M to 1600 M was a real work out . I snow camped on Sunday night. The snow turned to ice overnight and yesterday once you hit about 1600 M it was very icy and you could hardly see the next pole on the summit pole line so there were no views , more like a whiteout. Just walking out the door of the hut was slippery so I was wearing micro spikes or snow shoes to avoid falling over near the hut/ tent/ water tank/ dunny . The Snow shoe trek, yesterday from The Bluff Spur hut at Mt Stirling to Craig's hut (10 km return) was tough because of the up /down hill factor and the deep soft snow. 10 kms in snow shoes is like 20 kms in boots in summer. I did the whole thing at full pace , with no rest stops en route in about 5.5 hours including Lunch at Craig's hut. In winter the jeep roads are all shut so only skiers , snow shoe hikers and a snow mobile can get out there. The view of Mt. Cobbler was not available because of heavy cloud over the King River valley. There was almost complete continuous snow cover from GGS hut to Craig’s hut . There were only two or three patches of exposed 4 WD track . It is not patrolled by the ski patrol or groomed so I was on my own (it is a bit spooky and a bit scary on my own :-0 ) and hiking through some remote snow gum bush and breaking a fresh trail there and back on virgin soft snow. That is physically taxing. My arms were also pumping with the poles and all. I was rogered by the end of the day. It was so cold on the way back , as I neared the top of the steep ascent in the proximity of the grammar school hut on the Clear hills trail that my camera froze and refused to operate. I wanted to take some pictures of the ice on the leaves of the snow gum trees. Coming back over the summit pole line heading for home at the Bluff spur Hut in a near whiteout again , I slipped/tripped over and landed heavily on my right knee .I just bruised badly it on solid ice. I was lucky and I got off lightly. Skiers break bones on that ice. I thought I need to put some ice on that when I get back. ;-P Fortunately I had a ready supply ! .I did eat some pain killers and went off to bed early after lighting the fire, putting on dry thermals and eating a huge hot dinner . I stayed/ slept in the hut with the fire going last night . I was the only one there. It was like my own snowy holiday hut. :-) It was snowing this morning as I was packing up and it kept snowing until I descended to about 1400 M. Today 5/7/16 The trail on the Upper Bluff spur trail has good cover, a bit icy but solid, but there are hazards opening up here and there , and few bare patches, and lower down once you leave the snow gums it is icy and sketchy and not really much chop. Evidently my sore knee from Monday's mini tumble was not badly hurt since I snow shoed it down the hill with a full pack on my back so all limbs are hooked on and working and ready for the next trip this month to Mt Stirling . :-) Mt Stirling is Most excellent .
Mister Tee on snow shoes
5/7/16 - 8:27pm
Bluff spur snow cam. 08.24 am 5/7/16.That is my tent ! :-)

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