Lake Mountain Snow Report

5:26am - 05 Aug 2015       
Surface Condition Dry
Snow Depth (Natural) 25 cm
Snowfall (Last 24hrs) 4 cm
Today's Weather: Snow showers. Forecast Max 5°c

Uploaded: 8:30pm - Tue 4 August 2015

Surface Condition


Skiing & Boarding

Excellent skiing on an excellent cover of Fresh snow on the upper trails Very Good skiing on a Good cover of fresh snow on the lower trails .

Skiable Snow Cover

Whole Resort


In Progress

Grooming Summary

All trails groomed

Village Toboggan


Road Condition

Open - snow on road

Snowfall History

05 Aug 20154cm
04 Aug 201510cm
03 Aug 201510cm


Excellent Snow Play and Tobogganing on a firm cover of Fresh and man made snow on the Village & Koala Creek Toboggan Runs Chains must be carried and fitted were directed today

Updated: 05:32 05/08/2015

Trail Status Grooming Date Groomed
Echo Flat - upperComplete Deep CoverClassical & Skating5/ August
Echo Flat - lowerComplete Deep CoverClassical & Skating5/ August
Muster Trail - upperComplete Deep CoverClassical & Skating5/ August
Muster Trail - lowerComplete Deep CoverClassical & Skating5/august
Home TrailComplete Deep CoverClassical & Skating5/ August
Snow Gum TrailComplete Deep CoverClassical & Skating5/ August
Panorama TrailComplete Deep CoverClassical & Skating5/ August
Woolybutt TrailComplete Deep CoverClassical & Skating5/ August
Royston Rd - upperComplete Deep CoverClassical & Skating5/August
Royston Rd - lowerComplete Deep CoverSkating5/ August
Jubilee TrailComplete Deep CoverClassical & Skating5/ August

    Uploaded: 8:30pm - Tue 4 August 2015


    Uploaded: 7:40pm - Tue 4 August 2015

  • 4th August 2015

    Uploaded: 7:29pm - Mon 3 August 2015

Snow Cams

Jane's Weather Snow Forecast

Last Update: Wed 09:40am 05 Aug

Wednesday August 5th, 2015 Presented by: aussieskier A cold front is bringing snow down to around 1000 metres, lower at times, with 15 to 25 cm by later Thursday. Persistent snow today, snow showers tomorrow. We will take a break as high pressure moves overhead. Friday, Saturday and Sunday bring light winds and sunny breaks, but there is the potential for a lot of cloud to linger. The wind picks up again later on Sunday. The next cold front passes through on Monday. It peaks to our west, but is cold enough, and brings 5 to 10 cm of snow. The next front arrives..

Weather Forecast   Weather Forum

Thu Aug 6
-2°c | 1°c
Snow showers.
Fri Aug 7
0°c | 2°c
Showers or snow at times.
Sat Aug 8
-2°c | 3°c
Sun Aug 9
-2°c | 3°c
Possible shower or snow.
Mon Aug 10
0°c | 2°c
Snow showers. Wind easing.
Tue Aug 11
-3°c | 2°c
Snow showers. Windy.

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5/8/15 - 7:21am
Talking about chains, AWDs etc, I have a question for the mountain staff. This year a number of cars are trying to say that they're AWD/4WD because they have a snowflake button next to the gear stick. One joker even went so far as to tell me he had diff lock. On his Holden Astra. ROFL OK, so I've researched this snowflake symbol and apparently what it does is change the gear ratios so that it starts in a higher gear, and therefore reduces wheel spin. This may be a good thing, but it doesn't change a 2WD into a AWD or 4WD. But then, I get returning customers telling me that they were told on the mountain that they didn't need chains because they have the snowflake button. So my question to the mountain staff is whether chains are only required on 2WDs without the snowflake button, or whether chains are required for all 2WDs.
4/8/15 - 8:13pm
Super snow at LM today, fresh, dry, slightly crunchy and groomed trails to boot. The signs recommended fitting chains but some experienced drivers didn't bother. I gather AWD helps. No-one much about, no-one directing traffic in the car park. A few school groups were out on the trails, with Frankston H.S. setting the pace. No sign of the hotshots from Alex. Rubicon groups were out there, too. Full, groomed cover all the way. Interested to see Fischer ski demos at the base, with interesting options to demo a variety of skis and boots, with some expert advice, too. Worth a look. Great to see such good conditions. Suggest people check the incoming weather, then get up there and make the most of it!
2/8/15 - 9:11pm
Yes, it was a nice day. Couple of patchy bits near home, but the rest was really nice. Good to see you too teckel. Thanks
2/8/15 - 8:59pm
100% happy campers today - snowplayers and skiers alike :D No complaints from anyone. Good to see you again PF :)
2/8/15 - 6:37pm
Nice snow there today.....dry and cold....full cover
1/8/15 - 5:35pm
Reports are that it's icy. Other than that, I can't help. Mainly snowplayers today.
1/8/15 - 3:24pm
thanks teckel. any further updates from those returning today gratefully appreciated!
1/8/15 - 3:07pm
It's hard to know without up to date cams, but the snow will be wet. The precipitation this morning fell as r**n.
1/8/15 - 1:39pm
Hi all (teckel) Hoping to take the kids for a ski at LM tomorrow. How are conditions?
31/7/15 - 10:40pm
Big congratulations to local young ladies Katerina (Kat) Paul and Casey Wright who showed Australia how it's done last weekend at Perisher in the first round of the National XC Championships. Casey and Kat were the first 2 Australian ladies over the line in both the 5km and the sprint.
31/7/15 - 10:10pm
Yes. Overnight camping is permitted. Just let admin know so that you don't spark a major search and rescue mission when they find your car in the carpark when they're closing for the night. I don't know if/how much they charge as entry - whether they hit you once only or once for every day. Call the resort (5957 7222) and find out. Yes. People have been known to stay at Keppels Hut and hike/snowshoe/ski into the resort that way. I had some customers do that just last weekend. Remember though, that the hut is not yours for the weekend, but must be shared with allcomers.
Mister Tee on snow shoes
31/7/15 - 9:23pm
What is the deal with overnight snow camping at lake Mtn. ? Is this permitted at LM ? and if so how much more do they hit you up for at the toll gate ??I know you can hike in via Keppell's track and leave the car at Lady Talbot drive where it meets the Keppell track . That seems to appeal to me
29/7/15 - 12:41pm
Free actually !
Ubiquitous Steve
29/7/15 - 12:05pm
hope they offering Off peak rates for this.....boys keeping the dingos amuzed with night time play...they probably come to check out the spectacle!!!LOL
29/7/15 - 10:25am
Went to Lake Mountain last night (tue 28th) and tried night skiing for the first time. They run it onTuesday nights depending on good snow and weather. There were a few of us out there by headtorch and we all enjoyed skating on the trails. They were skidoo grooming so it was easier once they had done that. Not all trails were open due to safety reasons but enough to have a good ski. There are details on the website about how it works. It was easy to drive up after work from Melbourne and ski for a while on good snow. Just thought I would spread the word as it was quite pleasant (ie not really cold) and when the moon shone through we didn't even need the headtorches as the moonlight was fantastic and it made it quite surreal. Love the place !!
25/7/15 - 4:26pm
Yes, you can hire anything you need from us. Except beanies and goggles. And you can buy them here, anyway. P:lenty of everything.
24/7/15 - 11:27pm
Quoting teckel: I doubt that chains will be required on Wednesday, although things could change. If you are disabled, you should find it a lot easier to get around Lake Mountain than Mt Buller. Drop in on the left side of the road as you pass through Narbethong to hire your gear. We can advise you then whether you need snow chains.
thank you, we look forward to it, we have never seen snow before, except on tv, hiring clothes etc no problem? thanks for your reply
24/7/15 - 11:25pm
Quoting weerab: I'm watching the BBC series "Extras" at the moment. As they would say "Are you havin' a laugh"?
no, this is a serious question/s
24/7/15 - 9:33pm
I doubt that chains will be required on Wednesday, although things could change. If you are disabled, you should find it a lot easier to get around Lake Mountain than Mt Buller. Drop in on the left side of the road as you pass through Narbethong to hire your gear. We can advise you then whether you need snow chains.
24/7/15 - 9:12pm
Quoting baliboy: We are coming to Australia from Bali, there are 3 of us, is there much snow there or should we go to Mt Bulla, we want tobgan and play, no ski, would Wednesday next week be good. ! is handicapped and 2 young ones, we could not be able to put snow chains on wheels by ourselves, what are the options, is it safe to drive, we have Mitsubishi ASX, thanks
I'm watching the BBC series "Extras" at the moment. As they would say "Are you havin' a laugh"?

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