Lake Mountain Snow Report

5:36am - 26 Jul 2016       
Surface Condition Fresh
Snow Depth (Natural) 12 cm
Snowfall (Last 24hrs) 5 cm
Today's Weather: Snow showers. Windy. Forecast Max 1°c

Uploaded: 8:03pm - Wed 20 July 2016

Surface Condition


Skiing & Boarding

Good skiing on fresh groomed snow

Skiable Snow Cover

Whole Resort


In Progress

Grooming Summary

all trails are groomed

Village Toboggan


Road Condition

Fitting chains to 2WD

Snowfall History

26 Jul 20165cm
25 Jul 20163cm
24 Jul 201610cm


excellent Sightseeing & Snow Play tobogganing on a fresh and man made snow Wheel chains must be carried and fitted where directed today

Updated: 05:39 26/07/2016

Trail Status Grooming Date Groomed
Echo Flat - upperOpenSkating26/7/2016
Echo Flat - lowerOpenSkating26/7/2016
Muster Trail - upperOpenSkating26/7/2016
Muster Trail - lowerOpenSkating26/7/2016
Home TrailOpenSkating26/7/2016
Snow Gum TrailOpenSkating26/7/2016
Panorama TrailOpenSkating26/7/2016
Woolybutt TrailOpenSkating26/7/2016
Royston Rd - upperOpenSkating26/7/2016
Royston Rd - lowerOpenSkating26/7/2016
Jubilee TrailOpenSkating26/7/2016
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Snow Cams

Weather Forecast   Weather Forum

Wed Jul 27
-1°c | 2°c
Snow showers easing.
Thu Jul 28
1°c | 4°c
Shower or two.
Fri Jul 29
3°c | 4°c
Shower or two.
Sat Jul 30
2°c | 5°c
Shower or two. Becoming windy.
Sun Jul 31
3°c | 6°c
Shower or two. Becoming windy.
Mon Aug 1
4°c | 6°c
Shower or two. Windy.

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26/7/16 - 6:45am
I was hoping the resort would answer Matthew's question, but. Yes, there should still be plenty of snow on the weekend,unless we have torrential rain on Thursday and Friday, which as far as I am aware, is not forecasted.
Mister Tee on snow shoes
25/7/16 - 11:47am
There is no base up there . If it rains on Thursday and Friday the fresh cover could be washed away to just turn to patchy ice. I might head up to Mt. Torbreck on Wed. for a day trip and summit walk in snow shoes or flexible cramp ons . I will have to get chains en route.
24/7/16 - 4:10pm
Will this current snow cover hold until next Saturday 30th
Jarryd Biffin
24/7/16 - 8:34am
Hey Nadjy, It will certainly be on, followed by the Mini Series with registrations in the machinery shed!
23/7/16 - 10:42pm
Nadgy, the mini series is being run tomorrow, so a good chance :)
23/7/16 - 10:14pm
Hey Mr. Biffo will the Snowgum Squad run on Sunday 23rd. So I can bring my kids up or will the program be closed? Can you please let me know.
Jarryd Biffin
23/7/16 - 9:20am
They have just closed the trails due to the wind at the moment. The snow is very windswept once again, with only around 1-2cm on the trails at the moment. Hopefully the snow continues as expected and we will have the trails opened in no time!
23/7/16 - 6:35am
Yay!! New fresh white stuff this morning :) And the snow guns are pumping.
22/7/16 - 4:16pm
No idea Steve. I don't even know if any came down. If it's the Marysville-Woods Point Rd, Vic Roads is responsible. If it's the road within the resort boundaries, it's either the resort or their contractors.
Ubiquitous Steve
22/7/16 - 3:45pm
I like that approach wombatwal.... them bad trees they keep falling down every where...bad bad trees.. Teckel better get some more coffee/tea/sugar and milk supplies to cater for the tourists that may prefer to spend a day shopping in Narbethong...that Bakery in Marysville must be pulling in the dollars in these conditions.. Teckel who is chopping them trees of Lake Mt approach roads... Vicrds/their contractors,DSE,Lake Mt Resort Management or all 3...
22/7/16 - 3:26pm
Well i planned properly so i wont be dissapointed and strapped skis to the bottem of my canoe, and a can of fake snow for affect
22/7/16 - 3:17pm
I think so SOU. Unless the high winds are bringing trees down. The winds up there this morning were close to gale force - and that was before they closed the mountain. The problem Steve, is that there are lots of trees which were burnt 7.5 years ago, and high winds can bring them down, creating a significant danger.
22/7/16 - 2:00pm
Hi teckel Will LM road be open early tommorow morning around 9 am? Thank you
Ubiquitous Steve
22/7/16 - 2:00pm
Vic Rds site suggest Lake Mt Rd closed ...?dated 22.7 approx. 12.30pm..:rolleyes:
Ubiquitous Steve
22/7/16 - 12:11pm
yes hope the cold conditions (artic chill) bring a decent dump up there.. those tourists are a hardy lot I saw about several cars in the Lake Mt Carpark a sec ago...:whistle:
22/7/16 - 11:47am
Not rubber rafts, Steve, but kayaks and canoes. LOL I'm looking forward to lots of snow over the weekend.
Ubiquitous Steve
22/7/16 - 11:40am
Teckel have u got any rubber rafts for hire...the Stevenson Falls must be the venue at the moment to draw the crowds...
18/7/16 - 8:13pm
Plenty for a snowman, Amtb :) Had kids today proudly talking about their "snow darth vader". wombatwal - people still really enjoyed skiing today (classic, not skating), although it will be a lot better if you wait for the next snow fall.
18/7/16 - 6:12pm
Hi guys....any thoughts on skiing and weather to go this week while something is left or go next week after hopefully fresh falls?
18/7/16 - 2:10pm
Thank you... can i build a snowman .....

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