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Aug 2014

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Surface Condition


Snow Depth

Average Natural


Overnight Minimum: -1 °C
Wind: Light Wind 16-25km/h SE
Precipitation: None
Expected Visibility: Excellent
Expected Cloud Cover: sunny


Last 24hrs


18 Aug 2014


11 Aug 2014


10 Aug 2014
Resort Status: Open 8:45am - 28 Aug 2014

Firm cover softening



Skiing & Boarding Beginners head to the Summit, intermediate venture down Sundowner and experts get dynamic down Gun Barrel.
Skiable Snow Cover Extensive
Snowmaking Overnight
Season T.D. Snow 271cm
Grooming Summary Stick to the groomed runs Groomers Choice: Gun Barrel
Cross Country Trails Good, firm in shady areas softening. Spring skiing

Snow Depth: 23/08/2014

Snow Depth: Av. Natural 104cm
Snow Depth: Av. Snowmaking 156cm
Snow Depth: Sun Run 110cm
Snow Depth: Big D 99cm
Snow Depth: Upper Higgi Dr 100cm

Terrain Parks

Summit Terrain Park Open
Road Runner Skier Boarder X Open
Basin Rail Park Open
Big D Rail Park Closed


Snowplay Area Open
Scenic Rides Closed
Kat Skiing Closed
Heli Link Closed


Summary Open
Road Condition - Omeo Open and Clear
Road Condition - Harrietville Open and Clear


The FIS ANC Alpine Races are on this week down Snake Gully and Heavenly Valley chair will be open from 6.30am (weather permitting) so get out and cheer on your favourite skier!

Weather   BOM Summary

Sunny day. Light winds.

Thu Aug 28 Sunny day. Light winds.
Fri Aug 29 Sunny. Light winds. -4°
Sat Aug 30 Patchy morning fog. Sunny afternoon. Light winds. -4°
Sun Aug 31 Mostly sunny. Winds westerly 15 to 20 km/h tending northwesterly 25 to 35 km/h during the morning then tending northerly 35 to 45 km/h during the evening. -3°
Mon Sep 1 Partly cloudy. High chance of snow showers. Winds northerly 40 to 50 km/h tending northwesterly 35 to 45 km/h during the morning then decreasing to 20 to 30 km/h during the day. -1°
Tue Sep 2 Cloudy. Medium chance of snow showers. Winds southerly 20 to 25 km/h tending southwesterly during the morning. -2°
Wed Sep 3 Cloudy. Slight chance of a snow shower, most likely during the morning. Winds southwesterly 25 to 30 km/h turning west to northwesterly 20 to 25 km/h during the day. -4°
Source: Bureau of Meteorology Details of warnings are available on the Bureau's website, by telephone 1300-659-218* or through some TV and radio broadcasts.
  • Big D Express (Quad)
  • Blue Ribbon (Triple)
  • Dinner Plain (Poma)
  • Gotcha (Quad)
  • Heavenly Valley (Quad)
  • Keoghs (Quad)
  • Playground - Lower (Double)
  • Playground - Upper (Double)
  • Road Runner (Quad)
  • The Drift (T-bar)
  • The Orchard (Quad)
  • The Summit (Quad)
  • The Village (Quad)
  • Trainer (Poma)
Run Status Grooming Snowmaking
Big D
Easy StreetopenGroomedNo Snowmaking
QCopenGroomedNo Snowmaking
Blue Ribbon
Varsity DragopenNot GroomedNo Snowmaking
Roaring FortiesclosedNot GroomedNo Snowmaking
McCollsopenGroomedNo Snowmaking
Hogg's BackclosedNot GroomedNo Snowmaking
BoondooclosedNot GroomedNo Snowmaking
Blue RibbonopenGroomedNo Snowmaking
Frosty DropclosedNot GroomedNo Snowmaking
Wood RunopenNot GroomedNo Snowmaking
Gotcha AccessopenGroomedNo Snowmaking
GreenlineopenGroomedNo Snowmaking
InitiationopenGroomedNo Snowmaking
Skating RinkopenNot GroomedNo Snowmaking
Heavenly Valley
Snake GullyopenNot GroomedNo Snowmaking
Black SnakeopenNot GroomedNo Snowmaking
Blue SnakeopenNot GroomedNo Snowmaking
The CanyonopenGroomedNo Snowmaking
D8openNot GroomedNo Snowmaking
Gun BarrelopenGroomedNo Snowmaking
Harper's FaceopenGroomedNo Snowmaking
ImagineopenGroomedNo Snowmaking
Milky WayopenGroomedNo Snowmaking
Mother JohnsonsopenGroomedNo Snowmaking
Swindlers TrailopenGroomedNo Snowmaking
Southern CrossopenNot GroomedNo Snowmaking
Slalom GullyopenGroomedNo Snowmaking
The CorniceopenGroomedNo Snowmaking
Twighlight ZoneopenGroomedNo Snowmaking
Purgatory SpuropenGroomedNo Snowmaking
BrockoffopenGroomedNo Snowmaking
Race GullyopenGroomedNo Snowmaking
Keogh's BashopenGroomedNo Snowmaking
Tele TreatopenNot GroomedNo Snowmaking
No NonsenseopenNot GroomedNo Snowmaking
Leap of FaithopenNot GroomedNo Snowmaking
BushwackeropenGroomedNo Snowmaking
Spargo'sopenNot GroomedNo Snowmaking
Twirligig 1openNot GroomedNo Snowmaking
Twirligig 2openNot GroomedNo Snowmaking
WatershedopenGroomedNo Snowmaking
ZirksopenNot GroomedNo Snowmaking
Big SlopeopenGroomedNo Snowmaking
Mitchell'sclosedNot GroomedNo Snowmaking
Lower PlaygroundopenNot GroomedNo Snowmaking
Summit TraineropenGroomedNo Snowmaking
Summit RunopenGroomedNo Snowmaking
The Drift
Drift ReturnopenGroomedNo Snowmaking
Rambo's RevengeopenGroomedNo Snowmaking
Australia DriftopenGroomedNo Snowmaking
The Road Runner
BeauchampsopenNot GroomedNo Snowmaking
Road RunneropenGroomedNo Snowmaking
Sun RunopenGroomedNo Snowmaking
WendixopenNot GroomedNo Snowmaking
Village Chair
Davenport AccessopenGroomedNo Snowmaking
Gully Cat WalkopenGroomedNo Snowmaking
Notice BoardopenNot GroomedNo Snowmaking
Off the EdgeopenNot GroomedNo Snowmaking
Playground TrailopenGroomedNo Snowmaking
Pump House DropopenNot GroomedNo Snowmaking
SundowneropenGroomedNo Snowmaking
The FunnelopenNot GroomedNo Snowmaking
The PipelineopenNot GroomedNo Snowmaking
BasinopenGroomedNo Snowmaking
Wall of DeathopenNot GroomedNo Snowmaking
Cross Country
Best XC Skiing Head up to Christmas Hill trail
Cross Country Trails Good, firm in shady areas softening. Spring skiing
Backcountry Melt freeze overnight and dry humidity have hardened all surfaces. North facing aspects softening as sun hits slope and temps warm. Take care.
Trail status comment Softening surface.Great spring conditions, go explore off the trails do a run though the trees, enjoy.
Hotham Dinner Plain Trail Groomed Tuesday, bare patches on switch back,will have to take skis off for this bit.,still a great trip. Ski down, bus back if you prefer.
Cross Country Announcements Please don't walk on groomed trails, leaves boot holes. Try exploring our trails on snow shoes. Avoid snowshoeing on the 2 parallel cut tracks along the outside edge of the trail. Enjoy our unique alpine environment, don't forget your camera or the chocolate!

Updated: 08:02 28/08/2014

Trail Status Grooming Date Groomed
Davenport Vill. to Skiers CrosOpenClassical & Skating28.08.2014
Skiers Crossing to Wire PlainOpenClassical & Skating28.08.2014
Wire Plain to Whiskey FlatOpenClassical & Skating28.08.2014
Charlies TrailOpenClassical & Skating28.08.2014
Christmas Hill TrailOpenClassical & Skating28.08.2014
Telemark Hill LoopOpenClassical & Skating28.08.2014
Ryans FollyOpenSkating28.08.2014
Big Spur TrailOpenSkating28.08.2014
Wonderland TrailOpenClassical & Skating28.08.2014
Rowed's RunOpenClassical & Skating28.08.2014
Race LinkOpenClassical & Skating28.08.2014
Biathlon TrailOpenClassical & Skating24.08.2014
Hurley's HootOpenNone16.08.2014
Dargo Lookout LoopOpenClassical & Skating28.08.2014
Billy Howard TrailOpenClassical & Skating28.08.2014
Whiskey Flat to Dinner PlainOpenClassical & Skating26.08.2014

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20/8/14 - 10:01am
@H: 18-220. It's all lens. Mb Sunday 31/8 Feather. Do you have decent 4wd? Sept 6 I am going to attempt Charles Derrick Bogong-Hotham svp.
20/8/14 - 9:56am
I am at hotham from tomorrow until Sept 6. Let me know if you want to head out to that ridgeline on FT
20/8/14 - 9:53am
Initially I thought it was the main range but the zoom was throwing me off. you must have a serious lens on that camera of yours
19/8/14 - 9:46pm
Quoting Boodwah: few more mostly out past Loch
absolutely stunning photos . would do anything to head out there!
19/8/14 - 8:54pm
Ziggy, that's why we need to hold them at altitude. Hongo, Pic 4 is the Main Range. I think the Ramsheads to the right, w Kosi sloping up to lookers left. Pic 2 is the ridge off North Peak of Feathertop. It is surprisingly accessible w a decent 4WD, and a very doable day trip - especially from Hotham. It is a very long, very wide, quite gentle ridge line with any amount of gnarliness anytime you want to drop off it into Hellfire. It also corns up beautifully. I will probably ski it in the next few WEs if yr keen. I have Sony alpha 5000 - basically an SLR without the bulky camera. In fact the camera part weights around 200grams.
19/8/14 - 4:11pm
Quoting Boodwah: few more mostly out past Loch
great photos. is that nelse out the back in pic 4? also i really want to ski that ridgeline off feathertop in pic 2. ideally while someone is taking a pic like yours boodwah. such perfect exposure in your shots. do you take a DSLR out on every trip?
18/8/14 - 5:18pm
Quoting Boodwah: few more mostly out past Loch
(Aren't all conferences anaesthetic?).
18/8/14 - 3:56pm
few more mostly out past Loch
18/8/14 - 12:37pm
Nice pics mr!
18/8/14 - 12:28pm
heres a few pics from last week......sun sun sun snow snow snow kids kids kids there is still a really decent cover as you would expect mid-aug sunrise
mr 7
village from higgi
summit and drift from higgi
mr10 in varsity
ms5 on summit lift
ms5 takes on QC
mr10 skates out of spargos
top of spargos, pick of the week
the classic view from the heavenly dunny block
from roadrunner
and another
18/8/14 - 9:11am
still plenty of snow for another month if nothing new happens fancy pants
18/8/14 - 12:58am
Cheers Hongo! I'm thinking of heading up this week for the first time in a couple of years. Once a regular now an irregular. Apart from Blue Ribbs, what is the cover like? I'm not looking for perfection. Just enough for some fun for 2 days. :) (When I say "fun", I mean hopefully there is enough snow to do the various hits around the place. Don't need powder but would like all the walls to be in play) x
17/8/14 - 4:32pm
Not a bad day out there. Mostly big fat wet flakes all day. conditions improved throughout the day the fresh snow seemed to cover a lot of the crustaceous bumpiness. Wind was very strong above 1700m but this was good as dried out the jacket. The weather kept all the crowds away no lift lines all day. In other news blue ribbon surely wont be lasting much longer unless some serious snow farming is done
17/8/14 - 2:56pm
just left the hill after the sunniest august week in history. cover still feels pretty solid under the slush. no rain at all last maybe a bullet dodged
17/8/14 - 8:47am
The two photos above are Hotham
,first bout 2012 ,second, the father-in-law 1938 . Taken from probably the ridge in front of the buildings .
17/8/14 - 8:26am
16/8/14 - 10:53am
Who wants to go touring? PM me
15/8/14 - 9:09pm
Still some super dry light snow if you know where to look ;)
14/8/14 - 2:48pm
What a stunning day today. Getting mushy in the sun this arvo (except orchard -usual slick). Excellent cover holding well.
14/8/14 - 10:59am
Found some lovely dry stashes over at eagle ridge earlier in the week with CW.

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