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Jul 2014

Uploaded: 9:19am - 23 July 2014

Lifts Open

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Snow Depth

Average Natural

Surface Condition

Firm Packed


Overnight Minimum: 0.6 °C
Wind: 13 SSW
Precipitation: No precipitation
Expected Visibility: Clear (10km+)
Expected Cloud Cover: Fine and Sunny


Last 24hrs

Snowfall History

18 Jul 2014

Snowfall History

17 Jul 2014

Snowfall History

Resort Status: Open 7:15am - 23 Jul 2014

We have excellent conditions for skiing and boarding throughout the entire resort on a firm packed 153cm natural snow depth. Do not forget to apply the sunscreen today! Please respect all patrol signage ropes and closures.

Skiable Snow Cover Whole Resort
Snow Depth: Av. Natural 153cm
Snow Depth: Av. Snowmaking 171+cm
Snow Depth: Sunvalley 160cm
Snow Depth: Northside 148cm
Snow Depth: Village Bowl 150cm
Drovers Terrain Park Open
Ruined Castle Terrain Park Open
Fox Trail Terrain Park Open
Helicopter Link Open

Cross Country Trails

Fresh groom on Heathys, Pauls track and Wallaces hut.
Cross Country Grooming (kms) = 60km

Road Condition

Road open and clear beware icy patches

Village Road

Full Ski-In/Ski-Out Groomed


- All lifts turning at Falls Creek
- Panorama and Ruined Castle Terrain Parks open
- Buy early, buy online - save on your lift passes.
- Bundle lessons and rentals online - save even more!

What's Happening'

- Snow Tube Park Open Today
- Ski Valet at Falls Creek Sports Snowlands

Weather   BOM Summary

North East areaMostly sunny. Areas frost this morning, locally severe. Patchy morning fog. Light winds. Daytime maximum temperatures between 9 and 14.

Wed Jul 23 Mostly sunny. Light winds.
Thu Jul 24 Cloudy. Snow at times from the early morning. Light winds becoming northerly 15 to 20 km/h in the early afternoon. -4°
Fri Jul 25 Cloudy. A little snow. Winds northerly 20 to 25 km/h tending northwesterly 15 to 20 km/h during the evening. -2°
Sat Jul 26 Cloudy. A snow shower or two until evening. Light winds. -2°
Sun Jul 27 Cloudy. Medium chance of snow showers. Winds westerly 20 to 30 km/h. -4°
Mon Jul 28 Partly cloudy. Medium chance of snow showers. Winds westerly 20 to 25 km/h tending northwesterly 25 to 35 km/h during the morning. -2°
Tue Jul 29 Mostly sunny. Winds northwesterly 30 to 45 km/h increasing to 40 to 50 km/h during the morning. -2°
Source: Bureau of Meteorology Details of warnings are available on the Bureau's website www.bom.gov.au, by telephone 1300-659-218* or through some TV and radio broadcasts.
  • Board Walk (Carpet)
  • Drovers Dream Chair (Quad)
  • Eagle Chair (Triple)
  • Falls Creek Express (Quad)
  • Gully Chair (Triple)
  • International Poma (Poma)
  • Lakeside Poma (Poma)
  • Monkey Bars (Poma)
  • Mouse Trap (Poma)
  • Petes Train (Train)
  • Ruined Castle Chair (Quad)
  • Scotts Chair (Quad)
  • Summit Chair (Quad)
  • Towers Chair (Quad)
  • Tube Park (Carpet)
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    Uploaded: 9:19am - Wed 23 July 2014

  • Falls Creek Morning Report 22nd July 2014

    Uploaded: 10:05am - Tue 22 July 2014

  • Falls Creek Morning Report 19th July 2014

    Uploaded: 2:10pm - Mon 21 July 2014

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22/7/14 - 5:04pm
Quoting Stratus: how many runs did you get in with Steve?
I think 8-10? Not sure to be honest. Ski tracks says 10
Scott No Mates
22/7/14 - 4:49pm
Saw the video yesterday on the SMH website, looks absolutely amazing. Gotta try it next time I'm down there.
22/7/14 - 4:18pm
how many runs did you get in with Steve?
22/7/14 - 4:10pm
Did a Steve lee back country tour this morning. One word. Amazing Will definitely do again Lots of nice pow stashes to be found and nice steep runs. Couple of quick park laps again this arvo and a run down Scott's/ruined snow is nice all over still
21/7/14 - 9:38pm
Snow depth could well be over 200cm by mid August, if Mother Nature continues her generousity
21/7/14 - 9:29pm
Planning a trip mid August, hopefully still good cover, pray for not too much rain.
21/7/14 - 8:18pm
Just back from a weekend trip and had a great time. Beautiful sunny weather and the most snow I've ever seen! Full cover over the entire mountain, every run is open - just great. Even the Maze had 100% cover, no rocks or nasties showing (and grooming on some of the Maze runs was excellent). Barring unseasonably warm weather or nasty rain events September will be excellent.
19/7/14 - 4:56pm
Express queue was pretty bad when it finally opened but understandable and lifties were efficient at getting people through. Was a really nice day once we were able to get out there! :)
19/7/14 - 4:09pm
Fex, Drovers, Lakeside, Towers all started loading just after 10....others followed during the morning as the really high winds abated until all lifts were operating by late morning. IMHO nothing was opened later this morning than it safely could have. Today was a fantastic ski on dry wind scoured snow under blue sky and sunshine. Pick of the day for me was The Ys.
19/7/14 - 2:27pm
Yep was going up but checked the weather station. Horrendous winds . Noticed that the snow report is from yesterday much easier than telling the truth ?
19/7/14 - 11:32am
Late again with the report this morning :headbang: It was after 7:30 before they admitted that everything was on wind hold. We guessed anyway and did not go up. Looks like they have express, towers and drover's going now, hopefully more to follow. queues will be horrendous
18/7/14 - 11:12pm
But there were very few updates regarding the status of the lifts :headbang:. I got ready and found that lifts were on wind hold even though the 8.30 update indicated everything was open:tany::tany::tany::tany::tany:. Once Sun Valley opened it was fabulous in areas that weren't exposed
18/7/14 - 5:54pm
After my recent whinge about lack of current snow / road conditions being upgraded , I notice the last two day's reports have been done at 6.30am . As it should be.
18/7/14 - 5:52pm
Haha, not to worry, we'll be back out first thing tomorrow! Would rather use my lift ticket for a full day than few hours and our toboggan hire was free :p
mick chopps
18/7/14 - 5:46pm
Quoting Amelia1810: Express opened up about 1:15, heard Eagle and Summit had opened not much earlier. We decided to give the day a miss with only a few hours remaining and went for a toboggan instead lol.
Wow. Much mistake Very regret Seriously though, thanks, all the more stashes for me to find tomorrow! :) :thumbsup:
18/7/14 - 5:44pm
Express opened up about 1:15, heard Eagle and Summit had opened not much earlier. We decided to give the day a miss with only a few hours remaining and went for a toboggan instead lol.
18/7/14 - 5:18pm
Wind was brutal up high (>100kph) with all lifts apart from Gully on windhold until 1pm. Snow terribly wind blown and scoured over the back....will all come up a treat after a groom tonight.
mick chopps
18/7/14 - 12:18pm
Yeah everything except Express looks on wind hold. Good for finding stashes tomorrow! :D
18/7/14 - 12:00pm
Quoting Amelia1810: Yep, everything on hold. Damn sucks, wish I was out skiing! Might go for a hike...
Ahhh, THAT's why the snowcams, lifts & terrain look pretty damn good - I was wondering where are all the snowriders, out in such good cover?! ..Windheld lifts. Once they open, enjoy, those that are there, looks awesome!
18/7/14 - 11:42am
I can see plumes on Bogong, Fainter and other peaks, must be blowing a gale

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