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Sep 2014

Uploaded: 10:36am - 1 September 2014

Lifts Open

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Snow Depth

Average Natural

Surface Condition



Overnight Minimum: 1.8 °C
Wind: 32 NNW
Precipitation: No precipitation
Expected Visibility: Clear (10km+)
Expected Cloud Cover: Partly Cloudy


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Snowfall History

18 Aug 2014

Snowfall History

11 Aug 2014

Snowfall History

Resort Status: Open 7:45am - 01 Sep 2014

1st September. 95cm average natural snow depth. We have a good to very good cover of firm snow softening quickly throughout the day. 1st day of spring, some fine conditions before a change so be prepared.

Skiable Snow Cover Whole Resort
Snow Depth: Av. Natural 95cm
Snow Depth: Av. Snowmaking 140+cm
Snow Depth: Sunvalley 104cm
Snow Depth: Northside 95cm
Snow Depth: Village Bowl 85cm
Drovers Terrain Park Open
Ruined Castle Terrain Park Open
Fox Trail Terrain Park Open
Helicopter Link Open

Cross Country Trails

Fresh groom on Mckay loop, Pretty Valley loop, Sun Valley loop and all local trails.
Cross Country Grooming (kms) = 45km

Road Condition

Road open and clear beware icy patches

Village Road

Partial Ski-In/Ski-Out Not Groomed


- All lifts are open.
- Panorama and Ruined Castle Terrain Parks are open
- Buy early, buy online - save on your lift passes.
- Bundle lessons and rentals online - save even more!

What's Happening'

- Snow Tube Park Open Today
- Ski Valet at Falls Creek Sports Snowlands

Weather   BOM Summary

North East area. Cloudy. Isolated showers developing late in the morning. A band of rain moving across the area this afternoon and early evening. Rain falling as snow at times above 1300 metres. Winds northeast to southeasterly 25 to 35 km/h tending northwest to northeasterly 30 to 45 km/h in the morning then becoming light in the late evening. Daytime maximum temperatures between 12 and 18.

Mon Sep 1 Becoming cloudy. Rain at times during this afternoon. Snow later this afternoon and evening. Winds northerly 55 to 70 km/h tending northwesterly 50 to 70 km/h in the middle of the day then tending westerly 20 to 25 km/h in the late evening.
Tue Sep 2 Partly cloudy. A snow shower or two. Possible hail during the afternoon and evening. Winds southerly 25 to 40 km/h decreasing to 25 to 30 km/h in the late evening. -4° -1°
Wed Sep 3 Partly cloudy. Slight chance of a snow shower in the morning. Winds southerly 20 to 30 km/h becoming light during the day. -6°
Thu Sep 4 Cloudy. Medium chance of snow showers in the afternoon and evening. Light winds becoming southerly 15 to 20 km/h during the evening. -4°
Fri Sep 5 Partly cloudy. Slight chance of a shower. Winds southerly 15 to 20 km/h tending southeasterly 20 to 30 km/h during the morning. -5°
Sat Sep 6 Sunny. Light winds. -3°
Sun Sep 7 Sunny. Light winds. -1°
Source: Bureau of Meteorology Details of warnings are available on the Bureau's website www.bom.gov.au, by telephone 1300-659-218* or through some TV and radio broadcasts.
  • Board Walk (Carpet)
  • Drovers Dream Chair (Quad)
  • Eagle Chair (Triple)
  • Falls Creek Express (Quad)
  • Gully Chair (Triple)
  • International Poma (Poma)
  • Lakeside Poma (Poma)
  • Monkey Bars (Poma)
  • Mouse Trap (Poma)
  • Petes Train (Train)
  • Ruined Castle Chair (Quad)
  • Scotts Chair (Quad)
  • Summit Chair (Quad)
  • Towers Chair (Quad)
  • Tube Park (Carpet)
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29/8/14 - 9:15am
Just called ski patrol about the backcountry awareness sessions, sounds like they may be running some more. Anyone else interested give them a call on 03 5758 3502
28/8/14 - 7:59pm
yeah just read the links, looks like a great course and something I would have done if known.....I will try make contact and see if anything planned for September
Gamera MC
28/8/14 - 6:47pm
Wednesday was the last listed day, but if your keen id suggest calling ski patrol and enquiring. Have to imagine there would have been a few that couldn't make the mid week days. The guys were super friendly and helpful!
28/8/14 - 6:24pm
Tuesday the 26th, Got all the way to Mt Beauty and realised I had not put by boots in the car...aarrgh. $30 later I was in some ill fitting smelly hire boots and enjoying another lovely day around summit and international. youtube clip very similar to the last few weeks....blue sky n corn.
Gamera MC
28/8/14 - 6:18pm
Quoting soza: Gamera MC "Had the BC awareness session out at Mt Mckay - great day for it." is this same as the Steve Lee tours or something else they are offering? ....... sounds interesting
Totally different, it was run by the falls creek ski patrol. Originally posted in this thread :
28/8/14 - 6:15pm
Gamera MC "Had the BC awareness session out at Mt Mckay - great day for it." is this same as the Steve Lee tours or something else they are offering? ....... sounds interesting
27/8/14 - 9:48pm
Had some great skiing this season at Falls. So good to see inter in such good shape. The lift operators have clearly spent time instructing the lifties to to be be friendly and upbeat, very noticeable this season. Scanning system is fantastic worked fast every time, better than japanese version actually. Oversnow was good again, still has some work to do, the oversnow station is poorly signed and needs someone "on the floor" directing people. Clound nine still the pits.
27/8/14 - 8:29pm
Yeah, a pitch I could tele down yesterday was side slip territory this morning. A guy ahead of me hit the deck and slid for some distance. Off piste sure was nice in places; Boomerang was still untouched at 2.30.
Gamera MC
27/8/14 - 8:20pm
Icey early, got first tracks down drovers, rolled through the park. liftees told me at the bottom they are going to close it till it softens (fair enough). Headed straight to summit and inter for the softening snow. Like a racetrack up top and softening down below by 9am, did enjoy. Had the BC awareness session out at Mt Mckay - great day for it.
We got to ride some amazing corn on the way back
Afterwards I couldn't resist some Rocky Knolls Corn
26/8/14 - 2:59pm
It was quite a mix of conditions this morning. Started wet windy and foggy and got better. The virgin corduroy was hydrolubed and quite fast. Off piste was sticky. A stiff breeze mandated skating to get across the ridge to Sun Valley and a tuck position to glide to the lift queues. By mid day the snow was gelato and the sun shining.
25/8/14 - 7:43pm
Quick Report. Dinner at the Man last night (not too bad). Picked up +1's and kids ski gear from Central Snowsports (friendly and helpful). Firm and icy in the morning with some of the runs with pushed around sugar later on. Before ski school Junior Polli and I did a couple of quick runs down Powderkeg. Then spent most of the day over at ruined castle and scotts lifts as well as Lakeside. Scotty's run wasn't groomed and a bit icy early on. Once the kids finished ski school headed down drovers to the terrain park with Junior Pollo. With sago starting to fall we ended up heading back to the bottom of the village. Sunscreen applied twice yet not enough.
24/8/14 - 8:15pm
Thursday we headed off up and out past Rocky Knolls, not a track to be found after the rain and light dusting early in the week. Only had a couple of runs but with the spring type conditions it was like carving thought soft butter.
Saturday was a solo mission and a play on my old board, forgot I was in my 40`s and hit the drovers terrain park....didn't last long, stacked it on a small rail and rolled around for a bit. Today 24-8-14 Again a solo mission but arrived nice and early to jump on international poma at 0830 and have half a dozen runs down zipper and widow maker before the crowds picked up and the rain started. head over to scotts and castle but ended up back at the poma for a bit of shelter. Gore tex.....new jacket, how amazing is the stuff.....just need some pants now. todays vid, actually had a lot of fun this morning....
24/8/14 - 5:14pm
Quoting BilbyBill: Is it my imagination that the web cams go down more often on a bad day?
If you are suggesting some sort of conspiracy theory then yes it is your imagination. There is probably some truth that they go down more during bad weather events as obviously there is more happening (rain, lightening, ice etc) that can affect coms. I have not been up higher than Howman's today but there were thunderstorms forecast and have heard some thunder....often lift coms are shut down as a preventative measure because of damage that can be caused by lightening strike.
24/8/14 - 5:07pm
Quoting snowduck: Summit Cam showing an image @ 4:50PM
5.05 just the Express queue at
24/8/14 - 5:06pm
Quoting BilbyBill: Is it my imagination that the web cams go down more often on a bad day?
Ah, so young and so cynical. It's probably just water in the electrical connections. The work experience student is sent out with an eye dropper.
24/8/14 - 5:02pm
Summit Cam showing an image @ 4:50PM
24/8/14 - 4:48pm
Is it my imagination that the web cams go down more often on a bad day?
24/8/14 - 4:34pm
Quoting Ziggy: Snow cams are down at the mo. Has it been raining today? The mercury has stayed above freezing so far.
24/8/14 - 3:57pm
Snow cams are down at the mo. Has it been raining today? The mercury has stayed above freezing so far.
22/8/14 - 5:00pm
Sloppet ?

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