Mt Buffalo Snow Report

10:00am - 2016       
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Updated: 08:52 11/09/2016

Trail Status Grooming Date Groomed
Beginners LoopClosedNone
Bogong PlainClosedNone
Horn RdClosedNone
Reservoir RdClosedNone
Lake Catani TrackClosedNone

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Last Update: Fri 11:36am 27 May

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28/7/15 - 8:28pm
Just been to falls creek today, good cover out past Rocky knob and I was told by other skiers, all the way to Wallaces and Cope Huts.
27/7/15 - 5:57pm
Quoting Majikthise: went for a blat up to the horn maybe a week or so ago. see july 16 in the chatter thread
Thanks majikthise, just checked that post out, looks amazing. Might be worth the 2hr drive if conditions are nice
27/7/15 - 5:39pm
went for a blat up to the horn maybe a week or so ago. see july 16 in the chatter thread
27/7/15 - 5:27pm
Quoting Ziggy: Conditions report :
Yeah I had a quick look at that, shame they didn't report the overall depth. I'm always worried to go cause they never seem to get any decent snow at buffalo even when the big resorts do well
27/7/15 - 5:20pm
Conditions report :
27/7/15 - 5:18pm
Worth doing if the cover is OK. Has it's own distinctive vibe.
27/7/15 - 5:15pm
Has anyone skied buffalo lately? am thinking about going xc skiing making the trip from falls creek on the weekend, is it worth it? Do they groom much?
8/6/15 - 10:53pm
13/7/14 - 6:49pm
an excellent weekend skiing from road close to the Horn. Other trails very good but a bit slack with grooming. Park staff are great & camping nice for those properly prepared.

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