Mt Baw Baw Snow Report Open

7:02am - 22 Jul 2017       
Lifts Open 3 of 7
Snowfall (Last 24hrs) 0 cm
Snow Depth (Natural) 10 cm
Snow Depth (Snowmaking) 38 cm
Today's Weather: Very windy. Partly cloudy. Forecast Max —°c

Surface Condition


Skiing & Boarding

4 of 7 lifts to operate today. Hut Run Platter Tank Hill Platter Summit Tbar and Magic Carpet to operate today. Good skiing and boarding on a Fresh machine made cover of snow. Poor to fair cross country skiing. Good tobogganing on a fresh machine made cover of snow. Good sightseeing and snowplay.

Snow Cover


In Progress

Grooming Summary

Frosti Frog Hollow Toboggan Park

Froglets Toboggan Park

Kicker Park

Painted Park

Big Air Bag

Bungy Tramp

Southface Rd

Baw Baw Entrance

Snowfall History

22 Jul 20179cm
21 Jul 20179cm
20 Jul 20173cm


July 22nd Baw Baw Brewfest

Big Hill Poma (Poma)
Hut Run Platter (Platter)
Magic Carpet (Carpet)
Maltese Cross T-Bar (T-bar)
Painted T-Bar (T-bar)
Summit T-Bar (T-bar)
Tank Hill Platter (Platter)
Run Status Grooming Snowmaking
Ridge Run
Village Run
Slam Dunk
Home Run
Tank Hill Run
Road Run
Painted Run
Old Hut
Hut Run
La Descent
Maltese Cross
Drops on the Rocks
Big Hill West
Cross Country
Cross Country Trails Poor to fair cross country skiing on a fresh cover of snow. Trails have been packed in preparation for grooming operations should conditions permit.

Updated: 07:02 22/07/2017

Trail Status Grooming Date Groomed
Beech TrailClosedNone
Latrobe TrailClosedNone
McMillans TrailClosedNone
Village Trail WestClosedNone
Village Trail EastClosedNone
Muellers TrailClosedNone
Maltese Cross TrailClosedNone

Snow Cams

Weather Forecast   Weather Forum

Sat Jul 22
Max —°c
Very windy. Partly cloudy.
Sun Jul 23
0°c | 2°c
Snow shower or two. Windy.
Mon Jul 24
-3°c | 1°c
Possible snow shower.
Tue Jul 25
-1°c | 4°c
Shower or two. Very windy.
Wed Jul 26
1°c | 2°c
Snow showers. Windy.
Thu Jul 27
-4°c | 2°c
Partly cloudy.
Fri Jul 28
-2°c | 2°c
Showers or snow at times.


21/7/17 - 9:51pm
puztin: Thanks Bronny. Is there anyone currently there that can comment on snow condition?
You're in luck. :thumbsup:
21/7/17 - 9:33pm
Had a great day there today! Obviously they had a good fall last night. Excellent top to bottom on Tank Hill ( the home run open!), Summit and Hut Run. La Descente was open allowing connection to Summit from the top of Hut. I don't think much grooming had been done so the ride was a bit bumpy at times and by mid afternoon the tow paths were a bit hairy. Great sunshine. I think the temp may have stayed below 0c all day as the trees still had snow on them mid afternoon and some shaded places seemed to stay icy all day. At lunch time I was able to ski right to my car in the day park. Needless to say, had to put chains on at the junction on the way up, and keep them on for the drive down.:)
21/7/17 - 10:55am
Yep just saw their snow report, looking much better now. We can see the mountain from our place so we're pretty close, and I can tell you it's been effing freezing and rainy so they've gotta have had some of the good stuff :thumbs:
20/7/17 - 4:35pm
Starting to look good on the cams :thumbs:
Snowy Joey
20/7/17 - 4:23pm
Looks like they have had a bit today. In the minus 2's all day. Over 7 mm in the gauge.
20/7/17 - 10:11am
Thanks Bronny. Is there anyone currently there that can comment on snow condition?
18/7/17 - 7:51am
Was up there last week, and sadly I wouldn't be heading there wanting to ski right now. We were only tobogganing but geez it was icy (and crowded - school holidays). I believe we've got some good weather coming this week though, so might be ok by the weekend.
18/7/17 - 7:38am
Ive got accomodation booked for this weekend at baw baw but now im wondering if it's worth the trip down. Those that have been recently, is it worth coming down this weekend?
16/7/17 - 8:39pm
Just came back from Mt Baw Baw where I was over the weekend. Despite the obvious limited cover, the actual runs were in pretty good shape with minimal rocks and mud. Some nice CM on Friday and Saturday afternoon. Great snowmaking on Sat night that made a huge difference to the toboggan run (well done on that). Very friendly staff who were helpful all the time Only two lifts ran on Saturday and the queues were shocking. The next day Summit T-Bar opened but the crowd were half that of Saturday and less needed (although appreciated by the crowd). Summit really should of been opened earlier. No news here...Snowmaking. Such a small mountain with just a few more guns would make a world of difference. One more for the toboggan is also true.
8/7/17 - 10:35pm
Hi gus This is the first time I am going to snow playing in Australia and we are in Traralgon now We are looking for some where has snow just to play for one or two hours Could you please give us an address or name of some villages thats white of snow.? Thank you
Snowy Joey
1/7/17 - 9:41am
Great trip report, gotta love those staff!
1/7/17 - 7:15am
Me again. Very good conditions at bb yesterday. Forgot the camera, though. Snow by the road from the turnoff and on the road for most of the way. Easy to ski from the car park to the bowl. No lifts running. 5-10 cm of really dry, great snow with full cover to the summit. Got some early turns on the playground, then summit and west wood, before cruising over to Maltese. Best skiing I can recall on there for a while. After lunch at the lonely hut, I went for a tour out around McMillan's and along the resort boundary, returning for a final slide down to the bottom of summit run, where resort staff informed me that the run was closed. Really? Looking forward to next week. New operators at Kelly's, new resort management still finding their feet, it seems, but here's hoping for a good season on the southernmost mountain (on the mainland,anyway).
10/6/17 - 9:29am
9/6/17 - 8:20pm
Trying to attach pics but failing. Very pleased I got up there as the snow up along the ridge was very nice, indeed. Rain affected down low, but nice for some turns on Playground, Summit, Champagne and Hut run.
9/6/17 - 8:11pm
There were rumours of overnight snow and the the cams showed something, but then, anyway I decided to head for Baw Baw. The website wanted a 2 night booking, but no lifts were running so that wasn't on. Drove up through drizzle, rain and a steady flow of log trucks. Destroying the old growth forest for an unsustainable industry. Good views of the brown coal power stations from Baw Baw. Drizzle in the car park had me thinking," 2 out of 3 ain't bad' but a quick recon through the village showed the trail to be quite skiable.
6/6/17 - 1:27pm
Went up to Bawbs for a recce on Sunday and could have easily skied the XC trails (had I taken my gear!), although nothing groomed. Noticed a few tracks here and there, so people taking advantage of the early snow. Photo taken looking down Playground.
1/6/17 - 11:23am
Apparently only a few centimeters on XC trails, not sufficient to groom at the moment without destroying what cover there is.
1/6/17 - 9:15am
According to their Facebook page, there's no resort entry fee until 11 June. Am considering a XC ski tomorrow and will report back here if it comes off.
1/6/17 - 2:45am
snowgum: Gee they like to live on the edge Ol BB. It would certainly encourage me to spend my Lazy 50 or $60 on fuel if they take the trouble to groom XC trails. (And even pay the $50+ gate fee!)
Hear, hear. I would certainly visit them more often if only they gave the XC trails some attention as I quite like the trail network. Till then Stirling will get most of my patronage.
31/5/17 - 8:03pm
stridercdh: So it would seem. I just contacted them. No xc trails groomed, not officially open for skiing. :confused:
Gee they like to live on the edge Ol BB. It would certainly encourage me to spend my Lazy 50 or $60 on fuel if they take the trouble to groom XC trails. (And even pay the $50+ gate fee!)

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