Ben Lomond Snow Report

Resort: 9:58am - 15 Sep 2014

Lifts 24hr Snow Last Snowfall
0/7 0cm 03 Aug 2014


Sightseeing and snowplay

Skiable Snow Cover All Lifts Closed
Surface Condition Closed
Resort Rating Closed
Snowmaking Concluded for Season
Grooming Summary NA
Skiing & Boarding

Nothing doing

Toboggan Run


Terrain Parks

Cross Country Trails



This Ski Report is proudly maintained and Updated by the Ben Lomond Committee. Parks and Wildlife Services are supporting the BLC with Road updates as they can.


Road Condition

Open and Clear - All vehicles must carry Chains

Transport Options

SHUTTLE OPEN - Ben Lomond Snow Sports operate a bus service from the new park self registration box. Just call them to confirm operations on 6390 6185.


Overnight Minimum 0°C
Wind Calm 0-10km/h   
Precipitation None
Expected Visibility Excellent
Expected Cloud Cover mostly sunny

No current forecast

Ben Lomond 7 day forecast

BOM TAS Summary

Lift Status

Bass Poma closed
Big Ben Poma closed
Bills T-bar closed
Fannys T-bar closed
Giblin Poma closed
Summit T-bar closed
Village Poma closed

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The BLC Inc.
9/7/14 - 10:01pm
Saturday 06 07 2014 - Photos thanks to Tony Gray, BLC President
Wednesday 09 07 2014 - Photos thanks to Ben Lomond Creek Inn
Ben Lomond Brad
9/7/14 - 7:16pm
unfortunately nothing on line permanently at the moment. NTAC cams won't hotlink and are only working on weekends ATM, Snowsports only run when open and the generator is running, and Rovers cam is just waiting to be recommissioned. Hopefully it won't be tooooooo much longer
9/7/14 - 12:35pm
Don't see the Ben Lomond webcams on the menu. Problems ?
The BLC Inc.
2/7/14 - 7:47am
Photos from the Back Slopes taken by Douglas James on 1 7 2014. Its looking good, a little more and away we go.
12/9/13 - 1:18pm
Someone has already been for a slide on a board up at Mawson, cover looks pretty decent, even over on Rodways there is snow, though suspect not top to bottom.
10/9/13 - 9:07pm
Apparently done for the season, Mawson is a better chance and will likely get more snow from this system on top of what already looks adequate, hopefully it holds up for the weekend.
10/9/13 - 8:38pm
Any chance that Ben Lomond will be open on Saturday? Or is it finished for the season? By the looks, there's more snow on the way!
21/8/13 - 2:06pm
You beauty, looking forward for a ski, would be the first one for the season !!
19/8/13 - 6:29pm
Not sure if anything turned before they broke. They had issues with both Bass and village diesels. Josh and Steve are both out there tonight swapping the diesel on village, so Eryl tells me that he intends to run Village, Summit and either Fannies or Bills tomorrow. The wind should abate tomorrow. Saturday is shaping up to be a purler. Dozer
19/8/13 - 2:59pm
Did they end up getting any turning today Dozer? Looking at a wednesday-ish trip up.
19/8/13 - 11:14am
Best Snow all season. Fresh Tracks to be had mountain wide Eryl and crew are going to try and get some tows going today. Should be good for tomorrow But today is well worth the effort to go for a trek Hippie sticking would be sensational. Bulldozer
14/8/13 - 5:27pm
Sounds gr8! Fingers crossed its all up & running
BenLomond Iceman
14/8/13 - 9:07am
Plenty i think Tman ! should be lots more snow by the weekend ! cant guarantee what the weather will be like ! probably snowy on saturday and sunday by the look of it!
12/8/13 - 5:18pm
is there meant to be plenty of snow this week?...thinking about coming up on Saturday! Also, it looks as though the cams need fixing!
9/8/13 - 10:04pm
how many lifts open on saturday do u think? Cant be botherd commin all the way from NW Coast and have a crap day! cheers
BenLomond Iceman
9/8/13 - 12:36pm
its has been snowing ! might be a bit of gobbler this arvo but hopefully turns back to snow later this arvo !
9/8/13 - 12:25pm
Pleeeaaase tell me the rain here in Launnie at the moment isn't falling as rain on the mountain, been busy all weekday so tomorrow is going to be my only chance at snow this week.
24/7/13 - 11:05pm
Well done. I like the angle to over the back.
24/7/13 - 5:17pm
Check out the new ntac ski cams!
24/7/13 - 1:21pm
Any reports on conditions etc would be great. Crew of us thinking about heading up from hobart tomorrow and would love an insight. Anything over the back open today/will be tomorrow? Any of the terrain park ridable? cheers

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