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10:00am - 2016       
Lifts Open of 7
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Thu Jun 2
-4°c | 4°c
Possible snow shower.
Fri Jun 3
-4°c | 3°c
Possible late shower.
Sat Jun 4
-3°c | 5°c
Sun Jun 5
2°c | 6°c
Shower or two clearing.
Mon Jun 6
1°c | 4°c
Mostly sunny.
Tue Jun 7
-1°c | 4°c

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Ben Lomond Jez
17/8/15 - 6:07pm
The mountain is mostly a big bumpy ice sheet, still a lot of fun to be had but I'm sure most people will be waiting for it to soften up. There has been some snow but the wind has done its usual job of blowing it into only a few spots.
BenLomond Iceman
31/7/15 - 11:08am
15 -20 cm over night - hopefully the same again tonight & in the morning saturday - looking great for more snow on and off through to next wednesday - late next week the ben should be looking great
Ben Lomond Jez
30/7/15 - 5:12pm
Puking right now! very strong winds so should be some nice stashes in the morning, but also some wind affected crud :) Bass was running today in very strong winds the AE crew are doing a great job. Lift tickets have been $10-$20 depending on what' s running. I can't remember what the temperature was on Monday but we need -4 or so when the humidity is 100% and running in the day has additional safety problems, we have to run hoses across the ski run. The cover in the snow making areas is already quite sufficient though, just need the natural stuff to keep falling for the rest of the mountain to get going. The biggest constraint is $$$ not the weather, the snowmaking is paid for by snowsports, so we may not have them running even if we get the right weather. Edit: oh and almost forgot, I think the full price for lift tickets will be $65 same as last year but you may have to check with AE
27/7/15 - 4:34pm
OK so we got the dump we were hoping for, need to get out there and start compacting it down so a solid base forms. Would have loved to have seen the snow guns firing today adding to the cover! Looks like good follow up snow for later this week, particularly Thursday, and then again early next week - August is looking the goods! Also does anyone know what the lift/tows pricing will be for this year?
23/7/15 - 9:02am
Forecast looking good for Friday afternoon through to Monday, could be the season opener we have been waiting for!
Ben Lomond Brad
16/7/15 - 11:50pm
Quoting Ramshead: Hey guys, wrote this. Some have interpreted it as negative but I hope you don't. Wishing you all the snowy best for the rest of the season!
Good article. Love the quote form Flea. She does tell it how it is ;)
16/7/15 - 6:32pm
Typical cut off low result for Tassie, if it all happened 600 odd km further to the south BL and Mawson would probably have 50cm each. We are due for a big Mawson system, one like 2010 would be nice, or was it 2011? Too bad there isn't more snow making on the Ben, the 2 guns look to be producing some reasonable results.
16/7/15 - 10:22am
I didn't read it as negative. I saw this weather pattern in 2007, when we made our first trip to Tassie. Hoping to see plenty of snow at Ben Lomond and Cradle Mountain - we didn't :( The locals were all very hopeful of the big system coming but it tracked around them to the north. There was a couple of positives. We had lovely cold weather with clear sunny days most of the time. Getting the ferry back and on our drive back to Brisbane we detoured to Hotham and experienced the snow dump that Tassie missed out on.
16/7/15 - 9:49am
Hey guys, wrote this. Some have interpreted it as negative but I hope you don't. Wishing you all the snowy best for the rest of the season!
14/7/15 - 10:17pm
Yep pretty much. It's been cool and a bit cloudy but nothing much happening here on the mid north coast. That's Tassie snow for you.....Fickle :-)
14/7/15 - 10:10pm
Wow - you missed out :( Tracked around to the north and missed Tassie?
BenLomond Iceman
24/6/15 - 10:22am
it was on sunday , its the ben , snow melts quick as weather is northerly now, the cams show nothing over the back which can be deceiving as it holds snow much better and can be 2-3 degrees colder. The front slopes go quick unless there is a huge cover on it - still nothing much in the way of snow weather on the radar now until next week - maybe late tue-wed . stay tuned
23/6/15 - 12:36pm
While I'm all for wishful thinking and would dearly love to see the Ben with a half a foot of snow and more on the way, I think calling the current cover "a good base" is a wee bit of a stretch. Chunks of ice are better than liquid water but that's about as far as it goes IMHO.
BenLomond Iceman
22/6/15 - 10:44am
mountain has a good base - its frozen up there . if the atmosphere stays cold a chance of some snow tonight with this front timing is important - and maybe on and off a bit this week - we will in a be a bit of snow / thaw situation this week as usual - fairly typical june patten
Ben Lomond Brad
15/6/15 - 2:47pm
Nothing open as yet. Worth a day drip just for the drive (you need to carry chains) and a beer/coffee at the pub.
15/6/15 - 2:42pm
So are there any lifts open etc? I'm going to find my self in Launceston in a fortnight for work, was keen to do a day trip on the weekend since it's so close. What are costs for lifts/ hire etc?
BenLomond Iceman
14/6/15 - 5:34pm
i will add to this quite convo brad .. looking like something brewing south easterly for benlomond wednesday / thursday .. might come off . we have got big snow from systems like this in years past
Ben Lomond Brad
1/6/15 - 4:29pm
Could this be the best season in a long time? Will it be short lived? Will you party hard anyway and ski/board a bit if you can? Ben Lomond Bliss 2015 is the 'corner of the bar' place to hang out and chat about all things Ben Lomond :D See you on the slopes

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