Thredbo Snow Report Open

2:00pm - 26 Sep 2016       
Lifts Open 6 of 14
Snowfall (Last 24hrs) 0 cm
Weather: Fog. Snow shower or two. Forecast Max 1°c

Surface Condition

There is a fair late season cover up high on the major trails. The upper slopes are the areas open. The cover was crisp early thanks to low overnight temps, but it did soften up quickly. There are some thin and patchy areas.****Please note: Friday Flat area is now closed, access to skiing and boarding via Valley Terminal only.

Skiing & Boarding

The trails around the following areas are open - Basin, Karels, Antons and the Cruiser. Beginners and intermediates can lap the Cruiser area or head up high around Basin and Karels - the more advanced can head over to Central Spur's Antons.

Skiable Snow Cover

Weather Top

0C. Cloud built up and rolled across the resort throughout the morning giving us a mostly overcast afternoon. There were breaks of blue sky. Winds are light to fresh up high. Today's top temperature: 0C.


Grooming Summary

Major trails were groomed overnight - but there will be patchy and thinning areas.

Terrain Parks

Antons Intermediate andamp; Advanced Park is open with 4 jump and 15 jib options.Squatters Run introductory park open with 3 boxes, 2 jumps and a bonk.

Road Condition (NPWS)

The Alpine Way is open to Thredbo and beyond.

Snowfall History

15 Sep 201625cm
03 Sep 201615cm
26 Aug 201610cm

Snow Depth

Snowy Hydro Snowdepth
Thu, 15 Sep 2016 (updates each Fri)
114.7 cm
Spencer's Creek 1830m
0.0 cm
Deep Creek 1620m
0.0 cm
Three Mile Dam 1430m
Note: Snowy Hydro readings are measured every Thursday and are indicative snow depth only that are not influenced by snowmaking or grooming


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Antons T-Bar (T-bar)
Basin T-Bar (T-bar)
Cruiser Express Quad Chair (Quad)
Easy Does It Quad Chair (Quad)
Easy Rider T-Bar (T-bar)
Gunbarrel Express Quad Chair (Quad)
Karels T-Bar (T-bar)
Kosciuszko Express (Quad)
Merritts Double Chair (Double)
Snowgums Double Chair (Double)
Sponars T-Bar (T-bar)
Syds Snow Runner (Carpet)
The Burrow (Carpet)
Run Status Grooming Snowmaking

Access Trail



Advanced Antons
Alberts Amble
Michaels Mistake
Lennys Leap
The Tunnel
The Traverse


The Tors
Basin Run
Kareela Cross

Friday Flat

Friday Flat
Wombat World
Giddy Up
Easy Does It
Beginner Bowl

Golf Course

Golf Course Exit Run


High Noon
The Glades
Intermediate High Noon

Kosciuszko Express

Funnel Web
World Cup
Lovers Leap
Little Beauty
Lower True Blue
Upper True Blue
Upper Supertrail
Eagle Way
Village Trail
Rossignol Race Course


The Cruiser Traverse
Boundary Riders
The Bowl
Beginner The Cruiser
Squatters Run
Valley View
Cruiser Traverse
The Schuss
Dream Run


The Falls
Ego Alley
Conrod Straight

Snow Cams

Weather Forecast   Weather Forum

Mon Sep 26
Max 1°c
Fog. Snow shower or two.
Tue Sep 27
-4°c | 1°c
Snow shower or two.
Wed Sep 28
-5°c | 6°c
Possible late rain.
Thu Sep 29
0°c | 2°c
Rain or snow. Possible storm.
Fri Sep 30
-4°c | -2°c
Snow showers.
Sat Oct 1
-4°c | 0°c
Snow shower or two.
Sun Oct 2
-3°c | 7°c
Shower or two.

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26/9/16 - 9:42am
First decent freeze for sometime and there is a lot of water in the snow! I think it is great that Sponars lasted as long as it did as it is usually shut earlier. Thanks KT.
26/9/16 - 9:41am
Described by Reggie as the worst four minutes of the season, the crossing to Antons was almost unskiable. What do you do on days like this? Hit the park sick gnarly dudes!!!
26/9/16 - 9:39am
Big freeze overnight. Today is very very crunchy off piste. Think corrugated iron a la Salvador Dali :confused: Sponars is shut for the season. No T2B, have to download. tc not remotely contemplating Waimea, the groomed cat track was narrow and fast with frozen sharks lurking everywhere either side!
25/9/16 - 6:59pm
Love it gents! The Quadzillette and I cackling to ourselves at home! Have fun tomoz :) Millions of thanks for an excellent fun season :)
25/9/16 - 5:14pm
Great work guys!
25/9/16 - 5:11pm
Adventure 2
25/9/16 - 5:09pm
Tee hee, afternoon begins with A, and so does adventure! That's actually my first bridge collapse, though I have seen a few. Me phot's Adventure 1
25/9/16 - 4:42pm
Later we tele-danced alone amongst the snowey clouds above Sponars.
Then Ski Patrol came to investigate but seemed to get a little bogged in the goodness
It's not over red rover.
25/9/16 - 4:33pm
After climberman left for warmer surroundings, telecrag and myself decided to go for the traditional end of season adventure ski tour. All was looking tickety boo with pots of gold luring us down.
The Bluff was funky and deserted
Cannonball was primo
True Blue was a good challenge
And Little Beauty was high end adventure tele-skiing at its best and most dangerous.
25/9/16 - 12:01pm
Spring skiing
The Bowl - Boundary Rider
The Mogul Course
The end of ST
PS: The Basin and Sponars were really fun :)
25/9/16 - 11:45am
Awesome! Still T2B!
TheFlyingMuzz got, Le Bented.
22/9/16 - 5:31pm
Went for a few runs on Exhibition this morning and yesterday morning, damp, bad vis today, but it is still groomed flat, no rocks on the main run and a nice slick smooth surface. Pretty good considering the atmospheric conditions, and funnily enough you could fire a machine gun up there and not hit anyone.
Lady Mamabear
19/9/16 - 6:22pm
Yikes! Messy ST! :mad:
19/9/16 - 6:13pm
telecrag: I think ST is almost done as a T2B
19/9/16 - 6:06pm
Went for a wander up Sig's, some nice turns right up high, then crusty. Someone put in a boot pack for me, bless the Boarders
Top of a Tor
My tracks down Sigs looked much better than it skied, so I took a shit photo to even it up
Then back in, someone tipped the Village over!
I think ST is almost done as a T2B
19/9/16 - 1:31pm
telecrag: Gunbarrel done, so a mixing at first chairs. No fisticuffs, just banter. Did one down ST, then headed to Sponars, which was exceptional. Fresh cord for so many runs. If you haven't seen this bloke, you need to get up earlier! He is on the discount ticket next season, and still rips
Hit Wiamea on the way to a last run at Merritts
Nice jacket
19/9/16 - 11:38am
Gunbarrel done, so a mixing at first chairs. No fisticuffs, just banter. Did one down ST, then headed to Sponars, which was exceptional. Fresh cord for so many runs. If you haven't seen this bloke, you need to get up earlier! He is on the discount ticket next season, and still rips
Hit Wiamea on the way to a last run at Merritts
Lady Mamabear
19/9/16 - 1:05am
winter: I do believe that today was possibly my last day for 2016. Never say never as a small miracle may occur this week. This season in summary: I rode more rainy days than I have in years. I actually started enjoying the rain, some days the snow was great in the rain. I had some great powder days, still my favourite powder day was in June, down skiers left of HN. I have escaped injury as have my children, the hubby is another story. I cherish all the great conversations on the chairlifts, friendly smiles and new friends among old to ride with. Until next time Thredbo. More great memories.
Speedy healing. Hope he doesn't keep you awake with all the groaning and moaning ;-)
18/9/16 - 10:49pm
tele-whippet: Soft
Clearly your not talking about the cover! :p
18/9/16 - 10:48pm
cin: I would guess that last photo says I'm done fo for the season eh LOL

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