Thredbo Snow Report Open

5:30am - 02 Jul 2015       
Lifts Open 8 of 14
Snowfall (Last 24hrs) 0 cm
Today's Weather: Snow showers. Forecast Max 1°c

Surface Condition

Snowmaking cranked out a max of 151 snowguns overnight, adding cover to an already good base. Snow will be firm with cold temps this morning.

Skiing & Boarding

Friday Flat, High Noon, Beginner Bowl and The Cruiser are all open giving you terrain open for all levels of riding.

Skiable Snow Cover

Weather Top

-3C. Snow flurries about the peaks this morning with moderate winds leaving the temperature feeling around -15C, so jackets on! Temps are set to hit a top of +1C between 9am and 3pm today.


Grooming Summary

Terrain Parks

Beginner Cruiser Park under the chairlift - dancefloor box, flat box, flat down box.Intermediate Ballroom line in the Cruiser area - 4 street style box, A-frame box, up tube, flat tube beside a 10ft table-top.Introductory Wombat World park has 4 small boxes and the second line roller features.New 15ft jump is open to hike above the Snow Play Park.

Road Condition (NPWS)

The Alpine Way from Jindabyne to Thredbo is open.

Snow Depth

Snowy Hydro Snowdepth
Thu, 25 Jun (updates each Fri)
0 cm
Spencer's Creek 1830m
0 cm
Deep Creek 1620m
0 cm
Three Mile Dam 1430m
Note: Snowy Hydro readings are measured every Thursday and are indicative snow depth only that are not influenced by snowmaking or grooming

Snowfall History

20 Jun 20152cm
19 Jun 20152cm
01 Jun 201530cm


Kids Snow Festival | 27 June - 12th July | There is a sweet aprs lineup of free activities, events and adventures, theres something for everyone these school holidays.TODAY - Face Painting - Friday Flat from 2.30pm, Thredbo Animal Theatre @ Thredboland from 4pm, Night Skiing on Friday Flat, Snow Bike Night andamp; kids flare run from 4.30pmJuly 5th andamp; 6th - ANZ Snowboard demo weekend | Free for all Thredbo season pass holders | test out boards from brands such as Burton, Capita, Union, Arbor and RomeJuly 5 -Torah Bright Mini Shred Session - Join Olympic Gold and Silver Medallist Torah Bright and her snow buddies for a fun day out on the slopes as they give tips, prizes and have fun in a relaxed environment.

Antons T-Bar (T-bar)
Basin T-Bar (T-bar)
Cruiser Express Quad Chair (Quad)
Easy Does It Quad Chair (Quad)
Easy Rider T-Bar (T-bar)
Gunbarrel Express Quad Chair (Quad)
Karels T-Bar (T-bar)
Kosciuszko Express (Quad)
Merritts Double Chair (Double)
Snowgums Double Chair (Double)
Sponars T-Bar (T-bar)
Syds Snow Runner (Carpet)
The Burrow (Carpet)
Run Status Grooming Snowmaking

Access Trail



Advanced Antons
Alberts Amble
Michaels Mistake
Lennys Leap
The Tunnel
The Traverse


The Tors
Basin Run
Kareela Cross

Friday Flat

Friday Flat
Wombat World
Giddy Up
Easy Does It
Beginner Bowl

Golf Course

Golf Course Exit Run


High Noon
The Glades
Intermediate High Noon

Kosciuszko Express

Funnel Web
World Cup
Lovers Leap
Little Beauty
Lower True Blue
Upper True Blue
Upper Supertrail
Eagle Way
Village Trail
Rossignol Race Course


The Cruiser Traverse
Boundary Riders
The Bowl
Beginner The Cruiser
Squatters Run
Valley View
Cruiser Traverse
The Schuss
Dream Run


The Falls
Ego Alley
Conrod Straight

Snow Cams

Weather Forecast   Weather Forum

Fri Jul 3
-7°c | 1°c
Sat Jul 4
-6°c | 1°c
Partly cloudy.
Sun Jul 5
-4°c | 3°c
Partly cloudy.
Mon Jul 6
-5°c | 1°c
Snow showers.
Tue Jul 7
-2°c | 1°c
Snow shower or two.
Wed Jul 8
-6°c | 1°c
Snow shower or two.

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1/7/15 - 8:59pm
Heard a rumour that Black Sallees has been told to be prepared for Saturday!
1/7/15 - 8:18pm
Quoting telecrag: ST will be open end of the week I reckon, maybe Friday.
Coolio, The Delica touches down on Saturday.
1/7/15 - 5:16pm
ST will be open end of the week I reckon, maybe Friday.
1/7/15 - 4:29pm
That's Thredbo club racing? The powers that be just postponed my Thursday departure to a Sunday departure for a 5 day trip. Hopefully Crackenback is open by then.
1/7/15 - 4:08pm
Just got back. Pretty ordinary, busy. Had my best runs this morning when I decided to go to Merritts straight up, after seeing the massive line, about 20 in front of me, and looking over at the groom on the way up. Talk about fortune, the groomer was just going down the last time, no tracks, like none at all, waahoo!!! Got a few good runs before having to slow down as the traffic arrived. The weather was superb, butů for an hour and a half or two, then go for a ride, or a walk, was really nice though. Highnoon on Sunday afternoon
Went for a ride
Club racing
Went for a walk
Still got faceshot though!
1/7/15 - 1:17pm
Quoting Snow Blowey: Anyone about over the next few days. Thinking of heading down this arvo. TeleCrag, Whippet?
heading down Friday.
1/7/15 - 1:17pm
This weekend will be my first not there of the season which could mean good news for everyone else and the snow if it's me that's the jinx ;)
Snow Blowey
1/7/15 - 1:16pm
Anyone about over the next few days. Thinking of heading down this arvo. TeleCrag, Whippet?
1/7/15 - 11:16am
Fark looks dire.....
1/7/15 - 10:20am
I'm thinking of pushing back our booked in dates for last week in July, if availability allows, should a dump or two doesn't happen in the next 7 days. :(
30/6/15 - 12:35pm
Huge amount of snow made on the lower mountain. Milk run now groomed and they are currently grooming the bottom of the ST
Lady Mamabear
30/6/15 - 10:27am
Quoting AJS: I had my first stack of the season on a bump I hadn't seen due to dodgy depth perception and mid afternoon shadows. Thankfully kept the skis on and no bruises. Not sure the snowboarder that came unstuck on the same bump shortly after me was so lucky :eek:
There was a fair bit to come unstuck on (especially later on) as the number of casualties attested. I'm glad you weren't one of them! I was also pretty happy that the only time I came unstuck was when I was torpedoed in the lift queue by an impatient skier desperate to get one or two chairs further ahead. The bulletproof patches in between snow used to get me every time in the past, not any more . I am however a bit on the sore and sorry side, but nothing that shouldn't resolve in a day or two.
30/6/15 - 10:25am
They just need to put good signage at the FF explaining where it is and how to get there on the bus.
Lady Mamabear
30/6/15 - 10:18am
That area was getting a real workout over the weekend. It's bigger than last year (good!). It was the biggest thing I thought was missing from Thredbo over the years, so I'm really pleased to see it.
30/6/15 - 9:48am
New cam of the snow play area
29/6/15 - 3:32pm
I had my first stack of the season on a bump I hadn't seen due to dodgy depth perception and mid afternoon shadows. Thankfully kept the skis on and no bruises. Not sure the snowboarder that came unstuck on the same bump shortly after me was so lucky :eek:
29/6/15 - 3:29pm
Lots of accidents this weekend. Top of HN and Cruiser were both pretty much skied out by 2:30pm, but early runs were pretty lovely considering the total lack of natural everywhere else!
Lady Mamabear
29/6/15 - 11:14am
While the praise is going out for those that make our ski trips happen (^snowmakers above) I'd like to add: Thredbo Lifties. Smiles all round, very polite and fun crew. Special mention to the lifties working the Merritt's lift who bumped those chairs with sweet sweet finesse. Ski Patrol. Lordie but they were busy on the weekend. It must be the most frustrating job trying to direct the one track minded around the accidents (I can't believe they didn't see what was going on earlier....kind of makes you realise WHY there are accidents on the mountain in the first place if people can't see carnage, buckets, patrol jackets and waving arms...) They maintain their calm in a field of stupid, they reassure their patient in the most settling way and with all the stress keep a wicked sense of humor. Thanks guys and girls of ski patrol. We never get to thank you as we slide past out of the way....but we very much appreciate what you do.
29/6/15 - 11:10am
Hello! Yes YK and I venture into the village on Saturday night! it was great to meet And i also agree it is great what the resorts have with a severe lack of nature snow!
Lady Mamabear
29/6/15 - 10:59am
Totally agree Snowduck. What they've managed to do without natural snow is rather incredible.

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