Perisher Snow Report Open

6:44am - 30 Sep 2016       
Lifts Open 17 of 48
Snow Depth (Spencer's Creek 1830m) 122.3 cm
Snowfall (Last 24hrs) 12 cm
Weather: Snow showers. Possible storm. Forecast Max 1°c

Surface Condition

Skiing & Boarding

Skiable Snow Cover


Friday 30 September - 12cm of snow overnight!. Hello from Perisher where this is what we like to wake up to in spring! 12cm of fresh, dry snow has fallen in the resort overnight and it looks like winter again!The groomers have prepped 20 runs overnight across Perisher Valley so you can make the most of the fresh cover. The best bet is to head to anywhere in the trees around Centre Valley where visibility will be better and there will be nice dry powdery stashes and some windblown accumulation.17 lifts are expected to open, although a moderate wind is expected at times so for the latest updates check the lift status boards around the resort.Two progressive PlayStation Terrain Parks are set to open, although do take care as visibility is low.The snow is expected to continue to fall throughout the day, so get your skis and boards and get up here early to make the most of it! With only a few days left of the 2016 season, make sure you get your final turns in before we close on Monday 3 October.779 for Adults, $439 for students (up to year 12) and $519 for seniors. Lock in your 2017 Epic Australia Pass now by paying ONLY $49 upfront and the balance next year! Hurry, beat the price rise on Wednesday 5 October!


Grooming Summary

Terrrain Parks

Perisher Road

Kosciuszko Road: Chains are required from Wilson's Valley to Perisher Guthega Road: Chains are required from Guthega Road entry to the Village

Snowfall History

30 Sep 201612cm
27 Sep 201610cm
16 Sep 201635cm

Snow Depth

Snowy Hydro Snowdepth
Thu, 15 Sep 2016 (updates each Fri)
114.7 cm
Spencer's Creek 1830m
0.0 cm
Deep Creek 1620m
0.0 cm
Three Mile Dam 1430m
Note: Snowy Hydro readings are measured every Thursday and are indicative snow depth only that are not influenced by snowmaking or grooming



Mt Perisher

Eyre T-Bar (T-bar)
Happy Valley T-Bar (T-bar)
International T-Bar (T-bar)
Mt Perisher Double Chair (Double)
Mt Perisher Triple Chair (Triple)
Olympic T-Bar (T-bar)
Sun Valley T-Bar (T-bar)

Centre Valley

Blaxland T-Bar (T-bar)
Home Rope Tow (Rope)
Lawson T-Bar (T-bar)
Leichhardt T-Bar (T-bar)
Pretty Valley Double Chair (Double)
Quad Express (Quad)
Wentworth T-Bar (T-bar)

North Perisher

Interceptor Quad Chair (Quad)
North Perisher T-Bar (T-bar)
Telemark T-Bar (T-bar)

Front Valley

Mitchell T-Bar (T-bar)
Ski Carpet No. 1 (Carpet)
Ski Carpet No. 2 (Carpet)
Ski Carpet No. 3 (Carpet)
Ski Carpet No. 4 (Carpet)
Sturt T-Bar (T-bar)
Tom Thumb ( )
Village 8 Express Chair (T-bar)

Smiggin Holes

Burke T-Bar (T-bar)
Captain Cook J-Bar (J-bar)
Harry's & Herman's Ski Carpet (Carpet)
Hume T-Bar (T-bar)
Kaaten Triple Chair (Triple)
Link T-Bar (T-bar)
Piper T-Bar (T-bar)
Scott J-Bar (J-bar)
Wills T-Bar (T-bar)
Zoe's Ski Carpet (Carpet)

Tube Town

Tube Town (Rope)

Blue Cow

Brumby T-Bar (T-bar)
Early Starter Double Chair (Double)
Pleasant Valley Quad Chair (Quad)
Pony Ride Carpet (Carpet)
Ridge Quad Chair (Quad)
Snowsports School Rope Tow (Rope)
Summit Quad Chair (Quad)
Terminal Quad Chair (Quad)


Blue Calf T-Bar (T-bar)
Blue Cow T-Bar (T-bar)
Carpark Double Chair (Double)
Freedom Quad Chair (Quad)
Run Status Grooming Snowmaking

1. Front Valley

Front Valley
Skiers Left V8
Skiers Right V8
Nth Perisher
Bullwheel Run (upper)
Tube Town
The Chute

2. Centre Valley

Powder Ridge
Goats Gully
Yabby Flats
Quad Face
Pretty Valley
Downhill Course
Wine Glass
Snake Trails
Lower Goats
CocaCola Highway
The Cleft
Leichhardt Loop
CV Duplex Slope

3. Mt Perisher

Towers Lower
Dog Leg
Chair Inruns
Fall Line
International Bumps
GS Bowl
Towers Upper
Burnum Burnum
Come Back Again
Vista Run
Snowy Trails
New Territories
Happy Valley
Sun Valley

4. Blue Cow

Racecourse 1
Racecourse 2
Side Saddle
Easy Way Out
Terrain Park
Footrot Flats
Boot Hill
Rock Garden
Lower Road Run
Show Boat
Outer Limits
Pleasant View
Double Trouble access
Roller Coaster Lower
Roller Coaster Upper
Rope Tow World
Early Starter
Link 1
Cold Shoulder
Pleasant Valley
Easy Rider
Blue Cow Home Trail
Toppas Dream

5. Smiggin Holes

Wood Run
J Bar Land
Bear Flat
Drop Off
Wills Wander
Back Wood Run
Rope Tow Flats
Chair Run

6. Guthega

The Screw
Hanky Panky
Parachute Lower
Parachute Upper
Wombat's Lament
Bloody Mary
Milk Run
Guthega Home Trail
2km XC Loop

7. Parks and Pipes

Playstation Slopestyle
Back Door Pipe
Playstation Super Pipe
Aerial Site
Columbia Fun Park
Coca Cola Rail Park
Playstation BC Terrrain Park

8. Access Trails

Smiggins Oversnow
Downhill Course
Valley Run
Link 2
Smiggins Home Run
Piper to Interceptor
Pretty Valley to Telemark
Interceptor to North Perisher
Perisher Home trail
Copperhead Road
Winter Way
Smiggins Exit
The Easement
Pretty Valley Home Trail
Discovery Trails
Link 3
Norwegian Trail
Blue Cow High Traverse
Guthega Creek Traverse
Interceptor Access Trail
Guthega Middle Traverse
Guthega Pipeline
Blue Cow Expressway

Snow Cams

Perisher Offers

Weather Forecast   Weather Forum

Fri Sep 30
Max 1°c
Snow showers. Possible storm.
Sat Oct 1
-1°c | 3°c
Snow showers. Windy.
Sun Oct 2
-1°c | 12°c
Possible late rain. Windy.
Mon Oct 3
3°c | 7°c
Rain or snow.
Tue Oct 4
0°c | 4°c
Showers or snow.
Wed Oct 5
1°c | 6°c
Snow shower or two.
Thu Oct 6
0°c | 11°c
Mostly sunny.


30/9/16 - 7:53am
Wow! What's the date again?
30/9/16 - 7:36am
Normo: Just WOW!
Should be good for a 10,000 day. No slacking. Go hard or go home ...
30/9/16 - 7:30am
Just WOW!
29/9/16 - 4:50pm
Tweekin: Says 17 for tomorrow now
Yes, sorry, I thought 7 was the prediction, but that must have been the actual late this afternoon.
29/9/16 - 4:33pm
GlenH: 7 lifts and no Quad on the report now, I wonder if that is the plan for the weekend?
Says 17 for tomorrow now
29/9/16 - 4:11pm
Someone looks happy.
that would depend on the wind.
29/9/16 - 4:08pm
7 lifts and no Quad on the report now, I wonder if that is the plan for the weekend?
29/9/16 - 11:40am
Go Normo! Temps going the right direction....
29/9/16 - 11:33am
Normo: Feeling very guilty....all on my own on Eyre skiing the most magnificent fresh snow you could imagine! Been puking down for over an hour!
No need to feel guilty, it's the pay off for skiing practically every day of the season :)
29/9/16 - 11:19am
29/9/16 - 11:01am
29/9/16 - 11:00am
Feeling very guilty....all on my own on Eyre skiing the most magnificent fresh snow you could imagine! Been puking down for over an hour!
29/9/16 - 8:44am
tomorrow will make up for it i suspect.
29/9/16 - 7:26am
29/9/16 - 7:22am
Wild, wet and windy. A vastly different day to yesterday. +2 in the carpark. I might be calling this one a washout pretty early today! :(
28/9/16 - 5:08pm
Last run, closing time
28/9/16 - 4:47pm
Undies: : how long until Perisher name a chair or a run after you?
........or a magic carpet! :D
28/9/16 - 3:32pm
: how long until Perisher name a chair or a run after you?
28/9/16 - 3:29pm
Perisher still OK - from JKH
28/9/16 - 3:27pm

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